Book Review: The Insurgent (The Colony #2) by Teri Polen


If a megalomaniac threatened your family, would you give up your freedom for them? Would you give up your soul?

Asher Solomon is faced with that choice. And makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Exactly as Director Silas Reeves expected him to.

Unable to live as the Colony’s premier assassin, Ash retreats to a corner of his mind, ceding control of his body to the alter-ego he was engineered to be—Subject A36. As he’s unleashed to battle the Insurgents, the only family he ever knew, the tide of war shifts in Silas’s favor.

Combined with his expansion into new territories, the director is poised to take over the world.

But the Insurgents don’t give up easily. Not on their cause, and not on their people. With the help of a few double agents deep in the Colony, they stand a fighting chance at ending Silas’s reign.

In order to shut down the program, they face almost insurmountable odds. And their most dangerous foe—their former champion turned killing machine, A36.


Goodreads:  The Insurgent (The Colony #2) by Teri Polen 


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

After being forced to choose between his family and his soul, insurgent Asher Soloman has now become subject A36, the Colony’s ruthless assassin. Retreating into his own mind to preserve what little sanity he has left, Asher is helpless as A36 kills indiscriminately on the orders of Director Silas Reeves. However, the Insurgents refuse to give up on both their cause and their friend. Whilst finding allies in the most unlikely of places, they plot to save Asher and to take down the Colony once and for all.

I’ve just finished book one in the duology and couldn’t wait to get started on book 2! It certainly didn’t disappoint. There was plenty of action from the word go, that immediately drew me back into the world. The characters have grown a lot since the first book and are united in their cause to save Asher and put an end to the Colony once and for all. The first book ended on a cliff-hanger and so I was eager to see how this played out. The twists and turns were unexpected and kept me turning the page for more.

There were a mix of chapters written from each character’s POV this time, which kept the pacing and continuity flowing well, and also giving them more depth than just seeing them from other viewpoints.

The Insurgent was a great end to the duology, it keeps you guessing throughout and rooting for all the characters. There is also a redemption for one character in particular which I liked. I am sorry to say goodbye to this series, but it was a fitting ending that ties up all the loose ends and gives the characters the send off that they deserve.


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