Debut Novel: Demon’s Blood

Demon’s Blood is a vampire novel. It focuses on an origin of vampires and also the human side of the supernatural beings, and how they deal with the darker sides of their immortal lives.

“Demon’s Blood has an interesting combination of different characters and conflicts that these characters face,” says Shari Sakurai. “There are characters who embrace their eternal lives and have no qualms about drinking blood to survive. Yet they are not without their demons. You also have characters for which it is a real struggle and are constantly battling with their instincts and their more human natures.”

Demon’s Blood is set in the fictional city of Norfield in southern England. Japanese vampire Kokawa Taku and his English lover, Thane Bremen, were forced to flee their home in Tokyo after being discovered by vampire hunters. When the novel begins they are already settled in Norfield, however, both are battling their inner demons. Thane is haunted by the events in Tokyo and suffers from reoccurring nightmares. Yet unknown to Thane there is more to those events than he is aware of. As a consequence Taku is struggling against something much darker, something that could ultimately destroy him.

Demon’s Blood is available now in ebook format from most major ebook retailers.

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Sailor Moon Crystal!

Sailor Moon Crystal – Shari’s first thoughts!

Artwork and summary for Sailor Moon Crystal was leaked online today ( Here are my first thoughts on what we’ve seen!

My first impression is ‘wow this is gonna be awesome!’ I love the artwork! It is beautiful! I really like the title too! Although it did kinda make me think Pokemon games!

The summary confirms that the series will be starting from the beginning, which makes me so happy as the Dark Kingdom arc is my favourite! My only real concern about it is that today anime series are a lot shorter than they were and whilst this does cull a lot of the pointless filler episodes (which the original anime had quite a few of!) I would worry about things being rushed along just to make it fit into say 12 episodes!

All in all this looks amazing so far and I can’t wait to see more as the release gets nearer!