Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone is having a spooktastic day!

Last year I shared with you a selection of my Halloween Horror Favourite Movies! This year I would like to share with you my favourite Halloween song.

Halloween Party by Halloween Junky Orchestra!

Halloween Junky Orchestra is a collection of Japanese musicians (masterminded by Hyde and K.A.Z from VAMPS) who came together to release the song Halloween Party. I just love this song much, it completely captures the fun and spookiness of Halloween! The music video is awesome too! I recommend you checking it out!

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!


Music Monday


Banner and Meme by The Tattooed Book Geek

Aside from writing another of my first loves is music. I’m a massive rock fan, specifically JRock so for my first Music Monday post I’m going to share with you all a song by my favourite band L’Arc~en~Ciel.

The song I have chosen is Anata and the performance is taken from their live at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA on 25th March 2012. This song holds special meaning for me as I went to the London live of the World Tour on 11th April 2012. It was my favourite performance of the night as it brought everyone together sharing the love for the band. I’ve been to quite a few live concerts over the years but the L’Arc live at the indigo o2 is definitely my favourite overall.


VAMPS Live, 28 March 2014 @ KOKO, Camden, LONDON – Shari’s thoughts!

I’ve been to three VAMPS lives now including this one. My first one was in Paris in 2010, and I went to the London show at the o2 Academy, Islington last October. This one was my favourite of the three.

I really liked the venue. Being an old building it had that oldy-worldy feel to it . There were a couple of floors so you could go up there or onto the balconies. I always say that I want to go upstairs at lives but once we’re in there I change my mind and head for the mosh! So that’s where we ended up!

The Howling (support band) had come on when we went down into the mosh. I wasn’t that keen on them personally and I do always feel kinda bad for support acts as the majority of people are there for the main act only and are really just waiting for them. It felt like that at KOKO too but I think we were a pretty good audiance for them and everyone applauded them when they finished.

After they’d finished there was a brief wait whilst the stage was got ready, etc, and then VAMPS came on!

The first song was Devil Side! I think it’s a great choice for the opening song as it’s got a real party kind of feel to it. Redrum followed, which is one of my faves from their first album!

I also love that they still perform some of HYDE’s solo works. They played Dolly and Midnight Celebration, which is another of my faves.

They also played World’s End (the Japanese version is called Ahead), which I also love! It’s such a catchy song, I often dance to that when I’m at home too!

The atmosphere was amazing. VAMPS lives are always special but there was something about KOKO that made it even more so. There are few bands out there who can really connect with their audience as VAMPS can and it kind of feels intimate even though KOKO is over 1,000 capacity.

They played Trouble (Shampoo cover) that always gets the UK crowd going even more! VAMPS version of this is brilliant and is more rock and less pop than the original version. This had everyone singing along too!

The live was also streamed in cinemas in Japan like at the o2 Islington, but unlike last time I didn’t notice the cameras as much for some reason. Maybe I was just used to them by now lol!

The last song played was Sex Blood Rock ‘n Roll. By this point we were so near to the speaker that when HYDE climbed up onto it he was so close to us!

After the live ended we went and got some tour goods! I got the t-shirt and the mirror keychain. The t-shirt has longer sleeves and I actually prefer that style to the usual short-sleeve shirts. On the mirror keychain it has the concert date engraved in it.

And my epic get of course was K.A.Z’s guitar pick!

It was an awesome night and one of my most favourite out of the concerts that I’ve attended. VAMPS are back for Download in June and we’re all hoping for more lives later this year too!