Shari’s Halloween Horror Favourites!

As well as being an avid reader, I am a real film buff and go to the cinema as many times as I can each month. Horror is one of my favourite genres and as today’s Halloween, I thought I would share with you a selection of my favourite horror films.

aquietplace A Quiet Place

What’s it about: Earth is invaded by aliens who hunt primarily by sound. A father tries his best to protect his family in a world where making any kind of noise will get you killed.

Shari’s thoughts: Filmed almost most silence, A Quiet Place does an excellent job of building up tension combined with unexpected jump scares.  You will be on the edge of your seat for the entire film.



What’s it about: A journalist investigates a spate of mysterious deaths and the rumours of a disturbing videotape being responsible for them. When Reiko finds and watches a copy herself, she desperately races against time to unlock its secrets before she becomes its next victim.

Shari’s thoughts: Hideo Nakata’s adaption of the novel of the same name is seriously creepy. It builds on tension and mystery to create a chilling horror and one that once you watch will have you jumping every time the phone rings. I did not enjoy the Hollywood remakes (with the exception of the latest instalment Rings) and recommend that you watch the original for a truly terrifying experience.

paranormal activity

Paranormal Activity

What’s it about: When Katie and Micah begin to experience strange goings on in their new home, Micah sets up a video camera to document these events. However, little do they know that the true horror is just beginning…

Shari’s thoughts: I love Paranormal Activity. Its a slow-burn horror that again gradually builds up the tension and then ramps up the fear to a terrifying finale that leaves you staring at the screen in stunned silence as the credits begin to role. Who knew a door moving on its own could be so frightening!



What’s it about: When a struggling crime writer desperate for his next best seller moves his family into a home that was the scene of a gruesome family murder he discovers reels of Super 8 home movies depicting the deaths and many others. As he tries to make the connection between all the families in the footage he begins to realise that he may have placed his own in grave danger.

Shari’s thoughts:   I first saw Sinister at the cinema and it was the first horror in a while that left me genuinely scared. The Super 8 footage is graphic and very disturbing, as is the creepy music interspersed within the takes. The deaths are gruesomely creative and horrifying. Do not watch this alone.

chernobyl diaries Chernobyl Diaries

What’s it about: A group of American tourists decide to take a tour of the abandoned town of Pripyat, which had been the home of the workers in the Chernobyl power plant before the nuclear disaster. When they become stranded they soon realise that they are not alone.

Shari’s thoughts: I am fascinated by the idea of ‘extreme tourism’ and I would take this tour myself if the opportunity ever arose. Chernobyl Diaries has some great scares and builds on the fear of being stranded in an unknown and forbidden place really well.

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