Book Review: The Herlequin (Pitch & Sickle 6) by Danielle K. Girl


The journey to Blood Lake has begun…

Pitch and Sickle have survived enraged fae queens, murderous forest guardians, walking corpses, and ghosts turned monstrous by the Blight.
They been tortured by sorcerers and made playthings by enemies who have sided with the Morrigan.
The ankou and his daemon prince have been forced to confront awful secrets from their pasts.
Both have made terrible sacrifices to keep the other safe.
And would willingly do much more to protect the unimaginable bond that has grown between them.

In the midst of the chaos and carnage a deadman and a daemon have found each other.

Now, Prince Vassago will need his Pale Horseman more than ever before.
With the escape from the Fulbourn comes the truth about what lies ahead.

The journey will be perilous.
The great hunt has begun.
And all is not as it should be for a beleagered daemon.

Can Silas and the Order outwit the Morrigan, and deliver Pitch to where Seraphiel’s secrets lie?
Or will the sorcerers’ Herlequin succeed where all the rest have failed?


Goodreads: The Herlequin (Pitch & Sickle 6) by Danielle K. Girl


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

Like so many people I am sure, I have eagerly awaited the latest instalment of the Diabolus Chronicles and book 6 did not disappoint. The journey our reluctant heroes embark upon is perilous and right from the beginning they find themselves pursued.

This series just keeps going from strength to strength as does Pitch and Silas’ relationship. The two of them realising the depth of their feelings is tender yet heart wrenching considering what lies ahead. As is a prevalent theme in the series, we are treated to the author’s take on another local legend. The twists in this one were incredible and so fitting with the world.

The story ends on a cliff-hanger and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.

Book Review: Lost Frontier by Martine Carlsson


A vast grey zone on the maps, the forest has always been seen as a place of grisly tales, outlaws, and disappearances. The men had travelled around through more civilised paths, leaving the woods alone. Until the country came in need of a new float.

For the first team of lumberjacks, it’s a routine job. Select trees and build a camp to hold winter until the spring flood. But in the depths of the forest, under ancient oaks, lie ruins. When the loggers pitch their tents in the overgrown garden, they are unaware of the crime they just committed.

For the native hidden in the nearby village, desolation has come. For the loggers, the nightmare has begun. And what’s hiding in the ruins won’t let them go.

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Goodreads: Lost Frontier by Martine Carlsson


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

Lost Frontier is set in the author’s Light from Aphelion series and follows a group of loggers who unwittingly set up their camp in ruins revered by the locals and their deity. When violence and misfortune begin to plague both sides, each blames the other when the truth may be much more disturbing.

I really enjoyed this new perspective on the Trevalden world. This novel combines fantasy and horror to make a compelling read that I found difficult to put down. At first the loggers motivation is money and getting job done as quickly as possible so they can return home and spend it. The plot draws parallels with logging that goes on today. That there is no respect for the natural environment or the natives who live in the lands that they have entered. This lack of respect leads to conflict and the Children shoulder most of the blame for the incidents that follow.

They are the most likeable party, whom possess wisdom and courage even when they perhaps lack some understanding. Tristan comes across as the most aware of the loggers although old prejudices and mindsets do blinker his vision to what is really going on around him.

This novel is a suspense horror with plenty of build up and twists and turns. It was different from what I was expecting, but in a good way. I would like to see a follow up and definitely more novels in the Light from Aphelion series!

Book Review: My Heart’s Desire by Amy Tasukada


Some high school romances just won’t fade.

A high-ranking yakuza, Yuuki enjoys his relatively quiet job. If only his mother would stop asking for grandchildren. Unwilling to come out, he contemplates a sham marriage just to shut her up. After all, it’s not as if he’ll ever be lucky in love again.

Black-listed after his divorce, the only reason luxury suit designer Kazuki is still in business is his yakuza clientele. Desperate to find new clients, he starts looking for a collaborator for the upcoming fashion show. But who’s daring enough to partner up with him?

When Kazuki’s high school sweetheart walks into his shop, all those worries disappear. Although Yuuki has far from forgiven Kazuki for his past betrayal, Kazuki wants nothing more than to rekindle their love. But then he learns Yuuki is in the yakuza…

Can these two mend their love, or are they now too different to thread their lives together?


Goodreads: My Heart’s Desire by Amy Tasukada


Rating: 4 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

This is a short novel set in the Yakuza Path universe.

Just when Yuuki, a member of the Yakuza, is considering a sham marriage to please his mother who is constantly asking for grandchildren, he walks back into his high-school love’s life. Despite what happened between them in the past, Kazuki wishes to rekindle the romance between them, however he has second thoughts when he learns that Yuuki is in the Yakuza. Is this and past wounds something that they can overcome or will it drive them apart for good.

I enjoy reading these short stories set in the Yakuza Path universe. Not only is it fun to read about side characters from the main series, you also get to see the main characters through the eyes of others. Yuuki and Kazuki’s growing romance is sweet and keeps the right balance between going through the heartbreak of their school days and confronting the here and now. I liked getting to know these characters and found myself hoping that despite the odds against them, they would find a way to work through their problems together.

Overall, this is a cute second chance romance read and I really recommend you checking it out.

Book Review: Dusk Upon Elysium by Tamel Wino


The world as we know it is forever lost. A deadly virus has scourged the planet and ravaged billions. Under the harsh ruling regime, survivors were “cleansed” and confined to isolated units, perpetually tormented by hunger, desolation, and desperation.

Among them is Geoff, a researcher for the trailblazing Paradiso, an authority-regulated virtual-reality program that allows users to momentarily escape their waking lives via implanted chips. He is devoted to perfecting the system—a vessel to preserve future hopes and dreams, where immense worlds prevail, brimming with vast possibilities.

But before long Geoff finds himself thrusted into the darkest recesses of these alternate realities, where he must confront not only his past but persevere against the unknown, fighting for his very existence.

Is all this magnificence just a grandiose illusion? Could there ever be salvation from the living hell into which mankind has plummeted?

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Goodreads: Dusk Upon Elysium by Tamel Wino


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

When a deadly virus rips through the Earth’s population, the Government orders a mass evacuation known as the migration. Force into segregated units, the survivors work on the virtual world Paradiso, adding layers of programming so real that they begin to lose grasp on their actual reality. Yet there is something sinister in their new virtual world. Drawn to Paradiso by the pain of his loss, researcher Greg soon begins to experience this darkness masquerading as all he held dear. Can he find a way out of this nightmare and back to reality before it consumes him?

Dusk Upon Elysium is a real mind trip of a novel, combining a pandemic with a new virtual reality to combat the loneliness of being isolated. It was interesting how rather than find a solution to the current problems, the Government changed focus to building Paradiso and forcing the remaining population into a kind of servitude. Many things were left up to interpretation which included a lot of the reasoning behind all of this. My thoughts were that much of what we took for granted to be true in the novel was part of a Government plot to control the survivors. Some of the characters also suspected this, but fear of what might happen prevented them from asking many questions.

The world building was excellent and very imaginative. I could picture every detail and found myself fully immersed in the story. I enjoyed the characters and how they interacted with each other, albeit over video link rather than face to face!

The ending, as well as many aspects of the novel, was left open for the reader to decide for themselves. This may leave some readers feeling unsatisfied but for me I liked filling in the blanks and reaching my own conclusions.


Book Review: Serial Investigations 1-5 by Rhiannon D’Averc

Boxset covers 1 - 5

If you’re a fan of extreme slow-burn friends to lovers romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty gay men, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Jump into the action from the very beginning with Bloodless, the first book in a series you won’t dare to put down.



Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

Some of you may remember I was introduced to Will and Ram back in 2020. Since then there have been 11 books in the series with the 12th one out on 16th April. Since I first read Books 1-5, they have undergone an overhaul with new scenes added and brand new covers! As I have reviewed books 1-5 previously, I will only be commenting on the changes here and will link my previous reviews below for you to check out.

First of all, the new scenes raise the heat level rather than the fade to black scenes that there were in the previous editions. I honestly did not mind the fade to black scenes, but I can see that perhaps many readers wanted more so adding in the scenes did make sense from that perspective. Also, they did add more to the series. For example, some more details of Ram’s random hook-ups also did do more to show that to him that is all they were – just a one night thing – and it also high-lighted his downward spiral from earlier on.

I really liked the new covers. It was great to see the author’s vision for both Will and Ram. Will looks pretty much how I imagined but Ram is quite different! I did like the old covers too, but these ones drew my eye more and will stand out better amongst others in the genre.

I really enjoyed re-visiting the first 5 books in the series and cannot wait to read the others!

Previous Reviews:

Bloodless (Serial Investigations #1) by Rhiannon D’Averc

Blood Evidence (Serial Investigations #2) by Rhiannon D’Averc

Blood Alcohol (Serial Investigations #3) by Rhiannon D’Averc

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Blood Sport (Serial Investigations #5) By Rhiannon D’Averc

Book Review: Shards of Hope (FISA Agents #1) by B.L. Jones


Twenty years ago, an infamous scientist created Liquid Onyx, a world-changing chemical which led to the rise of superheroes and supervillains.

Jack Roth is not a superhero. He’s an assassin, a killer, a lethal weapon forged and controlled by the evil organisation Obsidian Inc.

Leo Snow isn’t a superhero either. He’s a British secret agent who spends his life protecting the world and saving everyone he can.

When these two men’s lives collide on the streets of Danger City just as Obsidian Inc is gearing up for another cataclysmic scientific discovery, they’ll both need to reckon with their dark past, messy present and potentially hopeful future.

Purchase Link:

Goodreads: Shards of Hope (FISA Agents #1) by B.L. Jones


Rating: 4 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

I love a good superhero novel, and Shards of Hope did not disappoint. When trained killer and super-human Jack Roth is ‘rescued’ from Obsidian Inc by FISA Agent Leo Snow, he is less than thrilled by the new situation that he finds himself in. Rather than kill him, FISA offers Jack a chance at redemption and to join them as an agent. He reluctantly agrees and finds himself partnered with Leo. From the beginning they both recognise the chemistry between them, however they must navigate Jack’s traumatic past with Obsidian Inc and also the new threat that is looming on the horizon.

Shards of Hope switches between the viewpoints of Leo and Jack throughout. I liked this, as well as giving you an insight into what they are both thinking and feeling, the contrasting personalities really came across as a result. Leo is naturally upbeat and light-hearted whereas, unsurprisingly, Jack broods a lot and his mood is darker due to his trauma. Despite being opposites, they work well together and develop a naturally occurring bond. I often found myself chuckling at the banter between them.

The world in which the characters inhabit was explained between the two of them, again with their contrasting views adding an interesting perspective. I did however feel like perhaps too much information was given at times and feeding it in a bit more gradually would have made the story flow a bit better.

Overall, this is a great addition to the superhero genre and one that I very much enjoyed reading.

Shards of Hope ends on a bit of a cliff-hanger and I eagerly away the second novel in the series.

Release Blitz and Review: Deep Waters by Thom Collins


Book Title: Deep Waters

Author: Thom Collins

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Cover Artist: Kelly Martin

Release Date: December 27, 2022

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance, thriller and suspense

Tropes: Murder mystery, small town, coastal romance

Themes: Secret lives, seeking justice, danger at sea

Heat Rating: 3 – 4 flames

Length: 61 740 words/ 262 pages

It is a standalone story. The third book in a linked Jagged Shores series but can be read alone.

It does not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links – Available in Kindle Unlimited

Universal link | Publisher | First For Romance

In search of a story, he found murder and romance.


Author Christian Costner is researching material for one of his dark thrillers and Nyemouth seems like the perfect setting for his next book. The small seaside town has witnessed plenty of trouble over the years, and Christian thinks it will provide him with the inspiration he needs.

He hires local tour guide and fisherman Harry Renner to help him explore the coastline for a couple of days. Harry is knowledgeable and mature beyond his twenty-eight years. Handsome too, though Christian thinks Harry is far too young for him..

As the weather worsens, Harry cuts short their first sight-seeing trip. Heading back to shore they spot a figure in distress in the water. A difficult rescue is made far worse when they discover the casualty has a knife wound to his abdomen and dies before they reach the safety of the harbour.

United by the trauma, Christian and Harry find comfort in each other, but when another murder comes to light, they find themselves at the heart of a dangerous mystery and the target of a killer more ruthless than they could ever imagine.

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Book Review: Symphony of Fates (The Dragon Songs Saga #4) by J.C. Kang


Kaiya escapes her ordeal at the hands of the Teleri Emperor, only to return to a homeland beset by enemies on all sides, and crumbling from within.

As a teenager, she quelled a rebellion with the Dragon Scale Lute. As a young adult, she vanquished a dragon with the power of her voice.

Now, robbed of her magic by grief, Kaiya must navigate a web of court intrigue to save the realm before it falls. Only she can lay claim to the Dragon Throne on behalf of her unborn sons—whether the father is the lover who perished rescuing her, or the hated enemy who killed him.

In the final story in Kaiya’s saga, she must rally a nation, repel invaders, and prove to the world why her family alone holds the Mandate of Heaven.

Purchase Link: Amazon

Goodreads: Symphony of Fates (The Dragon Songs Saga #4) by J.C. Kang


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

In this final novel in The Dragon Songs Saga, we find Kaiya trying to come to terms with her ordeal whilst a captive of the Teleri and mourning the loss of her true love Tian. With the fate of the Kingdom resting on her shoulders, Kaiya must find the strength to rally and, without her magic, find a way to secure the Throne and bring peace to the realm.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last installment to this thrilling series. From the beginning, it has been carefully crafted and mapped out, and with so much detail that it brings this world completely to life. Kaiya has gone from strength to strength throughout the series. Growing so much from the teenager she was in Book 1 to a young woman capable of uniting the lands.

I have loved reading Kaiya’s story unfold and going on her journey with her. The supporting cast have been brilliant throughout, each with their own depth and motivation so you can never be quite sure who to trust.

If you haven’t read the series, I highly recommend it!

Release Blitz: O Deadly Night by Various Authors


Book Title: O Deadly Night: A Dark MM Charity Anthology

Authors: Nicholas Bella, E.B. Burns, Abrianna Denae, Elouise R East, Taylor J Gray, Mandy Greenwood, Rorie Kage, Leigh Kenzie, Davidson King, Claire Marta, Faith Ryan

Cover Artist: Teased by Antonette

Release Date: November 15, 2022

Genre: Dark M/M

Tropes: Various

Themes: Dark content featuring holidays. Includes topics from mafia to erotic BDSM and more. Content warning for some pieces include non-con, dub-con, torture, murder, and potentially other dark elements.

Heat Rating: This will vary. Some will be 5 flames.

Length: approx. 165 000 words

As it’s an anthology, some stories may end in a cliffhanger


Buy Links

Universal Link | Amazon US | Amazon UK


Sometimes the happiest season of all is hiding the darkest secrets.

Twinkling lights and festive songs are in every shopping center and on every street corner. But what lurks in the dark alleys beyond the main street decorations? Who hides behind the joyful enthusiasts with a dangerous bah humbug attitude?

Join eleven dark MM authors as they explore the darker half of the holidays while also spreading cheer and support to LGBTQ youth.

*O Deadly Night is a Dark MM anthology with all proceeds to be donated to The Trevor Project.

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