Book Review: Dusk Upon Elysium by Tamel Wino


The world as we know it is forever lost. A deadly virus has scourged the planet and ravaged billions. Under the harsh ruling regime, survivors were “cleansed” and confined to isolated units, perpetually tormented by hunger, desolation, and desperation.

Among them is Geoff, a researcher for the trailblazing Paradiso, an authority-regulated virtual-reality program that allows users to momentarily escape their waking lives via implanted chips. He is devoted to perfecting the system—a vessel to preserve future hopes and dreams, where immense worlds prevail, brimming with vast possibilities.

But before long Geoff finds himself thrusted into the darkest recesses of these alternate realities, where he must confront not only his past but persevere against the unknown, fighting for his very existence.

Is all this magnificence just a grandiose illusion? Could there ever be salvation from the living hell into which mankind has plummeted?

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Goodreads: Dusk Upon Elysium by Tamel Wino


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

When a deadly virus rips through the Earth’s population, the Government orders a mass evacuation known as the migration. Force into segregated units, the survivors work on the virtual world Paradiso, adding layers of programming so real that they begin to lose grasp on their actual reality. Yet there is something sinister in their new virtual world. Drawn to Paradiso by the pain of his loss, researcher Greg soon begins to experience this darkness masquerading as all he held dear. Can he find a way out of this nightmare and back to reality before it consumes him?

Dusk Upon Elysium is a real mind trip of a novel, combining a pandemic with a new virtual reality to combat the loneliness of being isolated. It was interesting how rather than find a solution to the current problems, the Government changed focus to building Paradiso and forcing the remaining population into a kind of servitude. Many things were left up to interpretation which included a lot of the reasoning behind all of this. My thoughts were that much of what we took for granted to be true in the novel was part of a Government plot to control the survivors. Some of the characters also suspected this, but fear of what might happen prevented them from asking many questions.

The world building was excellent and very imaginative. I could picture every detail and found myself fully immersed in the story. I enjoyed the characters and how they interacted with each other, albeit over video link rather than face to face!

The ending, as well as many aspects of the novel, was left open for the reader to decide for themselves. This may leave some readers feeling unsatisfied but for me I liked filling in the blanks and reaching my own conclusions.


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