Shari’s Life: Jurassic Park Pop-Up Shop

Shari's Life

On Friday, my sister and I made our first trip to London since 2019! We went to the Natural History Museum where they had a pop-up shop to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the first Jurassic Park movie!

image0We’re both massive Jurassic Park fans so it was like a dream for us! They had replica gates from the first movie at the entrance and inside a model of Blue as well as a cut-out of the T-Rex ! And of course lots of merch!  The merch ranged from t-shirts, toys, books, plushies, keychains, books, posters, license plates and much more! I bought a T-shirt, keychain, license plate and model Quetzalcoatlus. The model was quite pricey at £25 but its very high-quality so I didn’t mind too much!

After this we had a look around the museum but it was so crowded that neither of us felt that comfortable. I never really enjoyed all the crowds before Covid but now I’m hyper aware of them and I just didn’t enjoy it. Apart from this we did have a fun day. The pop-up shop is open until September and I would like to visit again if I can!

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