Book Review: My Heart’s Desire by Amy Tasukada


Some high school romances just won’t fade.

A high-ranking yakuza, Yuuki enjoys his relatively quiet job. If only his mother would stop asking for grandchildren. Unwilling to come out, he contemplates a sham marriage just to shut her up. After all, it’s not as if he’ll ever be lucky in love again.

Black-listed after his divorce, the only reason luxury suit designer Kazuki is still in business is his yakuza clientele. Desperate to find new clients, he starts looking for a collaborator for the upcoming fashion show. But who’s daring enough to partner up with him?

When Kazuki’s high school sweetheart walks into his shop, all those worries disappear. Although Yuuki has far from forgiven Kazuki for his past betrayal, Kazuki wants nothing more than to rekindle their love. But then he learns Yuuki is in the yakuza…

Can these two mend their love, or are they now too different to thread their lives together?


Goodreads: My Heart’s Desire by Amy Tasukada


Rating: 4 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

This is a short novel set in the Yakuza Path universe.

Just when Yuuki, a member of the Yakuza, is considering a sham marriage to please his mother who is constantly asking for grandchildren, he walks back into his high-school love’s life. Despite what happened between them in the past, Kazuki wishes to rekindle the romance between them, however he has second thoughts when he learns that Yuuki is in the Yakuza. Is this and past wounds something that they can overcome or will it drive them apart for good.

I enjoy reading these short stories set in the Yakuza Path universe. Not only is it fun to read about side characters from the main series, you also get to see the main characters through the eyes of others. Yuuki and Kazuki’s growing romance is sweet and keeps the right balance between going through the heartbreak of their school days and confronting the here and now. I liked getting to know these characters and found myself hoping that despite the odds against them, they would find a way to work through their problems together.

Overall, this is a cute second chance romance read and I really recommend you checking it out.

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