Shari’s Top 5 – Blind Bags

Top 5

Welcome to Shari’s Top 5! This is a feature I have created to showcase my personal top 5 of various books, shows, toys, music, films, food, etc, whatever I fancy focusing on for each post really!

For today’s Shari’s Top 5 I have chosen blind bags / boxes / capsules! I just love opening these and never knowing what surprise you will get inside! 

image45. Squishville

These would be higher up on my list as they are adorable, but I have terrible luck with them! I usually end up getting the same ones over and over or ones that I am not that keen on! However, I was pleased to get Nebula who is pictured!

image34. Mini Brands

These minis are so cute! You can get all kinds of mini grocery items as well as displays, a safe and fake money to name a few extras! They can be kind of pricey in stores but at the moment Tesco has them on clubcard deal for £3.75 so I have been stocking up!


image03. Recyclings

Recylings are fun pencil toppers that are made of recycled plastic which is a really neat idea! I have really good luck opening these too! I rarely get duplicates and each character comes in two different faces for you to collect!

image22. Disney Doorables

I just love these little mini figures from Disney. You can get a variety of Disney characters per series and the blind bags vary in the number of figures you can receive. In the smaller blind bags you can get 2-3 figures. You can weigh the packs in your hand to work out which ones hold 3 but I am so bad at doing it so I usually just grab some at random and hope for the best!

image11. Polly Pocket Secret Sands

My current favourite blind boxes to open are the Polly Pocket Secret Sands. I had so many the original Polly Pockets as a child and these just bring back childhood nostalgia and they are so cute too! The sand base for each scene is like kinetic sand so you can place the figures in it without them falling over. I have open two so far and will definitely be buying more in the future! 




Shari’s Life: Live stream, birthday and Christmas Plans!

Shari's Life

First of all today, I have some exciting news to share with you all! Briony Rose Smith, author of the Moon Girl series, is going to be reading a couple of chapters of Perfect World on her live stream today! Do please check it out if you can!

Perfect World Live Stream!

It was my birthday yesterday, so me, Sarah and Georgie went into town to have lunch at our favourite tapas restaurant and then did a bit of toy hunting! I was able to pick up a few things as well as 2 birthday squish! We had a look round Tesco and Sainsburys, it was insanely busy and not the most enjoyable experience! We then went to B&M and Home Bargains. We picked up a few table decorations for Christmas! I’m hosting for the first time in my flat this year so we wanted to make it extra special! I also found these Jurassic World Dominion mini blind bags for 99p each! I picked up a few as they will go perfectly with the Jurassic World Dinosaur Garden my friends gave me for my birthday!

It’s my last week at work until the New Year this week. I am only working Monday-Wednesday which is great as I will have some time to get ready for the big day! On Thursday we are taking Georgie to the Weald and Downland Museum for their Father Christmas event. This could go either way – yesterday he was greeted by a Santa in the town and he burst into tears ^^;;

On Friday I am having my pre-Christmas sort out! My flat always descends into chaos in December so I want to make sure it is tidy for Christmas Day! Then on Christmas Eve we are going to Portsmouth for the day to do some shopping (and squish hunting!).

I have also made a list of things I want to achieve over the Christmas break. I want to try and overhaul my website and social media to give it a refreshed look for the New Year. I am also going to set up a dedicated Instagram for my toy hunting and collecting. I will still post some reviews on here, but there is much more that I want to showcase and I feel having its own space would be best!

It is the last week now before the big day! I hope everyone is having fun getting ready for it!






Shari Reviews Stuff: Pastel Fluffy Slime and Fashion Fidgets Dolls

Shari Reviews Stuff

Fidget 1I just love collecting fidget toys and thought I would share a quick review of my latest purchases.

First up is this pastel fluffy slime that I bought from the Works (, in store. The Works is one of my favourite stores for finding fidgets and blind bags and they now have Squishmallows too! I am a bit fussy with slime and I am pleased that I love this fluffy slime! It’s not too sticky and stretches really well. It also produces a good amount of bubbles to pop and the sound is very satisfying! It was £1 so a bargain really!

The second thing I bought is this Fashion Fidget Doll from the Entertainer (, again in store. I was so happy to see these as I had seen them in toy hunt videos in the US and didn’t realise that they were out here too. They come blind Fidget 2boxed but they do have codes on the bottom so you can make a note of them and don’t end up with duplicates. I love the one I got! Her name is Poshi Pia! The little hearts on her cheeks are so cute and I love that you can move the buns on her head around as well as ‘pop’ her skirt! Her skirt can be twirled around too and she also comes with a clip so you can clip her on your bag and take her with you! The dolls are priced at £10 each, a little expensive in my opinion but not enough that I won’t be getting another one!

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts on the above products, and I have not been asked or paid by the companies to provide a review.








Morgan Brice’s ‘New in 2022–Have You Read Them All?’ Tour

Morgan Brice’s ‘New in 2022–Have You Read Them All?’ Tour

A special book tour to celebrate this year’s new releases by Morgan Brice

  1. Sins of the Fathers—MM Supernatural Suspense
  2. No Surrender—An MM Psychic Detective Romance Adventure
  3. Again: Fox Hollow Zodiac Novel 2–MM Shifter Romance Suspense
  4. The Devil You Know: MM Supernatural Romance Adventure (ebook and audio release)
  5. Blink: MM Supernatural Suspense (audio release)
  6. Huntsman (audio release)

Plus, two holiday novellas

  1. Crewel Fate ~ Gail Z. Martin in Christmas at Caynham Castle
  2. Memory and Malice: A Badlands MM Psychic Detective Romance in Ring in the New at Caynham Castle

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New Release Blitz: As Played by Gods by Tallie Rose

Title: As Played by Gods

Series: Briar Constance, Book One

Author: Tallie Rose

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 12/06/2022

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Female/Female

Length: 93400

Genre: Fantasy, LGBTQIA+, Fantasy, contemporary, bisexual, gods, blood magic, faerie, witches, politician

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The gossip rags’ favorite witch, disaster and occasional historian Briar Constance is hearing voices.

Ever since political playboy, Soren Savros, asked her for help in finding the lost spell book of a Goddess, she’s been hearing the deity’s whispers. Which means she might finally be on the brink of living up to her family name.

Then Briar meets Lillia, who is beautiful, mysterious, and maybe a little dangerous. Briar is immediately intrigued.

But Lillia has a secret, one that frightens the Goddess and leaves Briar questioning everything.

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New Release Blitz: Kepler-186f by Rachel Ford

Title: Kepler-186f

Author: Rachel Ford

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 12/06/2022

Heat Level: 1 – No Sex

Pairing: Female/Female

Length: 106200

Genre: Science Fiction, LGBTQIA+, science fiction, action/adventure, alien planet/alien creatures, space travelers, other-world, planetary settlement, lesbian, light romance, barbarians, cannibal vs. non-cannibal tribes, suspense, fear of other, combat/weapons/guns, military, scientists, illness/disease

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The Genesis mission promised a new start on Kepler-186f. A new start for Captain Nikkole Johnson, and a new start for humanity.

An elite soldier recruited to protect settlers on the new world, Johnson wakes from cryosleep to find that the mission went sideways thousands of years ago.

Most of the original crew has vanished. Those who remain know no more than she. Strange voices whisper in the trees and on the winds. Monsters attack in the night to carry off the survivors. To save what’s left of the mission, Johnson must discover what happened in the first place.

Before the ghosts of the past erase any chance of a future.

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Release Blitz: The Reaper by Rae Scott


Book Title: The Reaper

Author: Rae Scott

Publisher: Page Publishing

Release Date: November 3, 2022

Genre: Mystery/Thriller/Crime

Tropes: Vigilante justice/ Victims no one will miss/ The one you least expect

Themes: Good vs Evil, Life or Death

Heat Rating: No heat

Length: 188 pages/ 60 000 words

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N

Reap what you have sown.


Fear not those who are innocent, for I shall cause you no harm. I seek out only those who have yet to pay for their sins. Fear me if you have no remorse, for I am the Reaper, and I will ensure that you reap what you have sewn.

The serial killer known as The Reaper is loose on the streets of Norfolk. Its victims have two things in common: They have each hurt a child but served little to no time in jail for it and none of them regret their actions.

Detective Mel Tanner is close to retirement when she is assigned to investigate a murder that leads her in a hunt for the serial killer known as The Reaper. As a seasoned homicide detective of fifteen years, she now finds herself jaded and unfeeling to the atrocities that she has had to witness every day.

When rookie Detective Nat Petrov lands her dream assignment, to work with the best Detective in Norfolk, she is thrown headfirst into The Reaper’s perverse sense of justice. The Detectives race against the clock as body after body turns up with the signature Grim Reaper tarot card, each life ended in a way specifically designed for the individual victim. Will the detectives be able to catch a twisted serial killer before time runs out or will The Reaper exact revenge in a way more personal than anyone could have ever fathomed?

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How to keep writing during the holidays


How to keep writing during the holidays


How to keep writing during the holidays? If I’m honest I am probably one of the worst at actually keeping writing going during December. If it is a year that I have taken part in NaNoWriMo, I’m usually burnt out and put off looking at a 50,000 word manuscript until January. If I haven’t, then most of the time I just find the build up to Christmas means that I am too busy.

This year I really want it to be different and have resolved to at least write something every day. I plan to do this by using my lunch hour during the week and making designated writing time during the weekends. Structure to my day always helps me anyway, and I think this will be a really good way for me to plan to get something done at least during December.

What will I be writing? Most probably Demon’s Past as I am over the halfway mark with the most recent draft now and I really want to be able to publish it next year. I might be tempted to write a little seasonal short featuring Adam and Eric. I really put my boys through it this year, so I think they deserve a fluffy Christmas story together!

What are your tips for writing during the holidays? Let me know and what you plan on writing!


Shari’s Life: Black Friday Squish Haul and getting ready for Christmas!

Shari's Life

I can’t remember the last time I wrote a Shari’s Life post! Things have been so super busy, as they always are this time of year! I am amazed at how quickly the end of the year has snuck up! I think I literally have one free day on a weekend now before Christmas Day which is insane!

As is our tradition, me and my sister hit the shops on Black Friday. We were able to get all of our Christmas shopping done and of course some Squishmallow hunting. We went to Portsmouth as it has a lot more variety of shops than closer to where we live, and we were really successful. Most of the squish I got came from Claires. They had this insanely good offer of 50% off plushies and also buy 3 get 3 free! We had so much stuff that we ended up going back to Sarah’s house after we finished in Portsmouth to drop it all off before going out to Chichester to check their Claires. They had the offer too and different squish, so we got 6 more between us! Then on Saturday I went to my local Claires and they had the offer as well and more different ones!

IMG_8261I was also able to pick up some Squishville and the Christmas squad from Tesco! I said I would only buy Cam, Avery and Winston but when I saw the rest I couldn’t resist them! My Claires online order of Micromallows arrived too which was very exciting as I have never opened them before. On my first one I got Janet the Jellyfish which is the one I wanted most of all!

Overall, out of the haul I think my favourites are big Pilar the grasshopper (I have him 5 inch but when I saw the bigger one I couldn’t resist!), Vera the rainbow (I have been after her for so long!), Janet the Jellyfish Micromallow and Mario the dog (I think he’s a German shepherd but I am not sure!).

IMG_8264On Saturday I decided to be super organised and I wrapped all my Christmas presents up and put up my Christmas Tree! Putting up the tree is always a bit of a challenge as it doesn’t come in 3 segments like most artificial trees. Instead, the branches and trunk are separate and I need to put them on individually. They are colour coded but it still takes nearly 2 hours to do and then I have the struggle of putting all the lights on! I left the decorations off until Sunday as Georgie wanted to help with them. I did have to do some rearranging though as he hung them all together where he could reach!

I am really pleased with how it turned out! I do love my tree once it is up but it takes a long time to do!

I have booked to see Violent Night at the cinema on Monday afternoon as I am in town for the dentist so I thought I would do something fun afterwards! I don’t like traditional Christmas movies, but this is definitely not that! I don’t often go to the cinema now. I think the last time I went was to see Jurassic World Dominion!

So I am all ready for Christmas now (food is ordered too!), which is great as it means I can just enjoy the insanely busy build up!

New Release Blitz: When the Glow Lights the Woods by Eule Grey

Title: When the Glow Lights the Woods

Author: Eule Grey

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 11/22/2022

Heat Level: 1 – No Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 28200

Genre: Fantasy, LGBTQIA+, alternate universe/dystopia, winter/Christmas festivity, gay, YA, coming of age, first love, teacher, animals, conflicting societies, rich vs. poor, physical difference, family drama, friends to lovers

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A snowy story of healing, birds, and the magic of connection.

The Wall? Who gives a snowman’s kiss about when the wars ended, or who built the divide that goes all the way around the planet? Whatever!

All anyone cares about is Christmas, when one lucky person gets to date someone from the other side. Who will it be this year?

Eighteen-year-old Kite Ripples loves birds, animals, and gazing at stars. He’s a good brother to leader, Mal. Mostly. As teacher, it’s Kite’s responsibility to dispel the rumours about people on the other side being robots—just a myth, right? Deep down, he understands no human is better, or worse, than any other. And, if he dreams of meeting a guy like him—who wants to kiss—it doesn’t mean Kite’s a rebel. Not he!

Manu Feathers, also eighteen, lives on the other side. Gets into trouble. Likes boys. Breaks laws and wants more. Like everyone, he’s fixated on those over the divide—simultaneously scared and excited by rumours of too much sex. It’s a lot to get your head round.

Kite is selected to climb under the Wall, and it’s the best Christmas present ever. But nothing goes to plan. Instead of picking the perfect boy, all he notices is the guy on the end, acting out. Who’d choose a nuisance like him?

Can the highest Wall prevent first love? Can a kiss heal a baby bird?

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