What Day is it Anyway? Sunday, 22nd March 2020

Yesterday: Me and my sister went down to Selsey to deliver Mum and Dad’s food shopping. My brother in law had luckily been able to get the bits that we hadn’t been able to early in the morning which was good. Alex is a chef and his work is now closed for the foreseeable future though hopefully he will be retained with help from the Government scheme for all workers who otherwise would have lost their jobs. As they were closing they had a load of fresh produce that would not keep so he came home with quite a few items that we were unable to get for ourselves thanks to all the hoarding!

Our parents live in Selsey so we got the train to Chichester to catch the bus (unfortunately none of us drive!). The high street was about as busy as it is on Sunday but there were a lot of signs in shop windows saying that they were closing until further notice. The bus was almost empty but I was glad of that really!

Talking to Mum and Dad through a window from halfway down the garden path was a surreal experience (although not the first I have had since all this began!) and trying to hear each other at times was difficult due to the very enthusiastic seagulls screeching overhead! It was then back on the almost empty bus and then train!

When we got back we went on a walk and played some Pokemon Go. It was nice to do something normal amidst all the worry.

Today:  Today’s mother’s day and it is the first one ever that we have all spent apart. Of course we must and as a friend said we are doing it so that we can all spend the next one together. I helped Sarah set up Skype on her laptop so we can call each other on that and Mum and Dad can see their grandson.

We then went on another Pokewalk and tried to talk about other things!

This evening I’m going through my emails (there is a lot!) and sorting a few bits online out. My copy of Animal Crossing has arrived so I will play a bit of that in a while too.

I watched the PM’s speech earlier and the information that is being given is still confusing. Also I do not understand how they are saying that younger people will just get a mild case of the flu and then reporters were saying there were people in their 30s and 40s waiting to go into intensive care in hospitals?! Do they have underlying conditions too which made them sicker? It wasn’t clarified and more clarity is needed immediately as it is just adding to the fear and panic buying!

One thing that did also annoy me is Dad said that there were hoards of people rushing off down to Wittering beach this weekend! I understand wanting to get out but all dashing down to a crowded beach?! It’s madness! At the moment we are being allowed to go out if we want to as long as we are sensible but I wonder how much longer we will be given this freedom for when there was so many people disregarding the advice completely.

Linda G. Hill came up with this great idea to keep track of the weeks and months ahead. For those who already are, and will be isolated in the coming weeks, it is important to all come together and support each other.

What Day is it Anyway? Friday, 20th March 2020

My day: I worked from home today so I got up at around 7.40am rather than 5.50am had I been actually going into the office.

I went into the bathroom and got onto the scales whilst mentally preparing myself for them to herald the first of the bad news for today, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. Apparently being in a permanent state of anxiety and fear is good for weight loss as I have lost half a stone in a week! So I logged that outcome on the tracker and then got ready to face the day.

Working from home this morning proved to be somewhat problematic due to the number of staff trying to do the exact same thing and the system kept going down over the course of the morning. Luckily by the afternoon it had calmed down a bit and I was actually able to get some work done.

Our parents are isolating at the moment as they are in the vulnerable category and my sister called me to say that they had been unable to place a food order from anywhere online due to the demand and website issues. Luckily she was able to get most of what they needed but there were a few things left so I said I would check the stores near me. They needed bread, eggs, chicken, sugar and yogurts and apparently these things are now as rare as loo roll and hand sanitiser thanks to all the selfish people hoarding enough food to feed the country for years! Honestly it makes me furious the more I think about it. If everyone just bought what they needed then there would be plenty for all. What the hell is the matter with them and how did people become this selfish?

Anyways, I was able to get the yogurts in the Tesco express near me. To my utter horror I saw that the hoarders have also now started on the cola so I grabbed a bottle for myself (I have a cola addiction which is now down to one glass a day but if I don’t have this I get the shakes and a headache. There is no way I’m going to suffer with that alongside everything else that is going on!).

Then I ventured into the town to look for the other items. Iceland shut at 5 so that was no good so I pressed on and went to Morrisons. It looked fairly normal in there when I first got inside but very quickly it deteriorated into looking like someone had played a nightmare version of supermarket sweep in there. It had none of the aforementioned items however I was able to get a six pack of bread rolls.

The final stop was the other Tesco express which had the eggs! I used the self-service in the last one and this time I went to the cashier. There is now a massive load of tape on the floor in x’s that you mustn’t cross whilst being served. The lady serving me was really nice and we complained about the hoarders for a few minutes before I went back home. I let my sister know what I was able to get and her husband is going to go into town super early tomorrow to find the rest of them!

I then called mum and dad to sort out their asda online account and make sure they had their next delivery slot booked for April. I also spoke to my sister again and we are going to go down and leave their shopping on the doorstep for them tomorrow. Dad said he was going to leave the cash in an envelope outside. I said we would message him when we were there as if he left it too early the postman might think that he had left him a massive tip!

The final thing I had to do today was test out my new thermometer. I was hoping that it was better than the last one I had as that one told me I was clinically dead when I took my temperature! This new boots one informed me that it was slightly under normal. I was happy with that – I was worried about the fever alarm going off!

Linda G. Hill came up with this great idea to keep track of the weeks and months ahead. For those who already are, and will be isolated in the coming weeks, it is important to all come together and support each other.

What Day is it Anyway? Thursday, 19th March 2020

Linda G. Hill came up with this great idea to keep track of the weeks and months ahead. For those who already are, and will be isolated in the coming weeks, it is important to all come together and support each other.

As this is my first post, I would like to firstly say that my heart goes out to everyone who has contracted Covid-19, those whose loved ones have been taken ill and all those who have lost someone to this horrible disease. I am thinking of you all at this terrible time.

I have also been moved by all the acts of kindness and togetherness that I have witnessed. Yes there has been a lot of fear and panic-buying but people have also been supporting each other so much. Family, friends, communities and workplaces all need to come together now more than ever and I am so pleased to hear of that happening.  Stay safe and keep supporting each other!

My day:  For the moment my work has not shut down completely but me and my colleague are on a rota system so we only have to go into office a couple of times each and we can work from home the rest of the time. Unfortunately the broadband is not coping as well as the companies providing it said it would so that has been creating some frustrations in an already difficult situation!

At lunch I went to collect an extra bag of cat food in case I end up having to spend 14 days in isolation. That alone will be difficult enough without having to ration cat food to a hungry (and very greedy!) moggy! The city was not empty of people but there were way fewer than normal and there were no queues for the buses!

The afternoon went by pretty quickly surprisingly and so has the evening! I received notice from my travel agent that I have the option of moving the holiday that me and my friend booked to later in the year. We were due to go to Crete on 3rd May. It has not been officially cancelled but the way things are heading I’m pretty sure it will be. We’re going to look into moving it at the weekend. It may sound strange but I felt so much relief when I saw that only because I feel like so much is out of my control at the moment and this is one thing that I can take back control of.

I am working from home tomorrow and I am sure that Tash will try her best to convince me to give her some lunch! And she will probably succeed too!

New Release Blitz and Review: Jeopardy in Tights by K. Childs

Title: Jeopardy in Tights

Series: Men of the Pantheon, Book One

Author: K. Childs

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: March 9, 2020

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 42600

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy, LGBTQIA+, sci-fi, alternate universe, super heroes, super powers, bodyguard, businessman, interracial, second chances

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Down on his luck ex-security meets CEO looking for special bodyguard. Fine print: hazardous working conditions.

Errol Mason got fired from his last job and put on a blacklist for a good reason. Now, scraping the bottom of the barrel and desperate for any job, he finally lands an interview with Stardust Global.

Errol’s interviewer, company CEO Nathan Parkes, has a secret, one that might get Errol killed. All Nate wants is a meatshield while he goes on a one-man crusade against a bunch of psycho cultists and tries to rescue his missing stepmother. Errol is the meatshield in this equation.

Things start pear-shaped and only get worse from there. Between military small-arms fire, freeway fisticuffs, and escaping the cult’s secret bases, the duo quickly forms a bond of trust and lust.

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New Release Blitz: Saving Rafe by Jocelynn Drake

Title: Saving Rafe

Series: Lords of Discord #2

Author: Jocelynn Drake

Publisher: Indie

Release Date: March 6, 2020

Heat Level: 3 – Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 105000

Genre: Romance, paranormal romance

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Rafe Varik

The troublemaker. The risk taker. The sexy club owner full of wicked promises.

Rafe has devoted his immortal existence to pleasure and causing mischief.

The only ones who can depend on him are his brothers. Of course, that’s very much a Varik thing.

But when the leader of the Arsenault clan specifically requests Rafe’s help in tracking down a killer, he can’t say no.

Sure, Rafe claims he’s doing it for his family. They’ve attracted too many enemies and could use a few allies.

That’s not the whole truth, though.

There’s something about Philippe Arsenault that draws Rafe in. He wants more of Philippe. The vampire leaves him longing for another second in his presence, another taste of his lips, another caress of those perfect fingers.

Yet when it’s all over, what will become of Philippe and Rafe? Because Philippe will always be an Arsenault, and Rafe will always be a Varik.

Saving Rafe is the second book in an MM paranormal romance series that has vampires, betrayal, annoying brothers, music, heartbreak, hope, sexy times, and a pair of star-crossed lovers.

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New Release Blitz: A Summer of Smoke and Sin by TJ Nichols


Book Title: A Summer of Smoke and Sin

Author: TJ Nichols

Cover Artist: Tiferet Designs

Release Date: February 28, 2020

Genre/s: M/M historical urban fantasy/paranormal romance

Trope/s: British detective, serial killer, Victorian London

Themes: Found family

Heat Rating: 3 flames

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To stop a serial killer a detective will need to explore his own vices…


Nathanial Bayard wants nothing more than to find the nobleman creating snuff pornography. If he fails, his career in the recently formed nobility task force will be over and as the youngest son he’ll be forced to obey his father and join the church. But a life of celibacy doesn’t appeal. Nathanial has never even kissed another man, fearing for his soul and his reputation.

Jericho Fulbright has never lived a wholesome life. After behavior unbecoming he was discharged from the army and sent home in disgrace. His inventor and nouveau riche father refused to have anything to do with him, so Jericho turned to what he knew best: opium, gambling and sex.

As the owner of the Jericho Rose, a club for gentlemen who like men, he enjoys a certain notoriety. Some would say he has a golden tongue, but the truth is a succubus lives within him feeding on souls. Once he needed her help, now she is a burden that keeps him from getting close to anyone.

After the unfortunate death of a young nobleman in Jericho’s bed, Nathanial is sent to investigate. He is scandalized and intrigued by Jericho, but soon realizes that Jericho could be exactly who he needs to help break the snuff case. Together they are drawn into a web of lies that will result in Jericho facing prison unless Nathanial can unmask the real creator of the snuff, a man with rank and privileges that reaches almost to the King.

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Review: The Mage Heir (The Life Siphon #2) by Kathryn Sommerlot

book review banner copy


Exiled from Chayd and pursued by Runon, Tatsu’s life twists into something unrecognizable when he escapes with Yudai into the mountains. Despite the growing danger trailing them, the biggest threat lies within Yudai and his voracious magic, a force spiraling outside his control. Their only hope is to head into Joesar in search of a way to contain the magic.

But Joesar’s desert holds perils of its own, and the only answers Tatsu and Yudai find lead them farther into storms. Friend and foe blur until impossible to tell apart, and all the while, the unchecked siphon devours any energy it can find. If Yudai can’t fix what the Runonian mages broke, the siphon could swallow the world, and Tatsu will watch the horror unfold.

No matter how tightly Tatsu’s heart is tied to Yudai’s, and after everything they have sacrificed for freedom, the past might catch up with them, murky and muddled, betrayal lying in Tatsu’s traitorous bloodline.

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Goodreads: The Mage Heir


*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: 5 stars

Picking up where The Life Siphon left off, Tatsu and Yudai journey to Joesar hoping to find a way to control Yudai’s magic before it destroys everything. Many challenges and dangers await on route to their destination and when they finally find the answer that they are looking for they learn it could ultimately part them forever.
I just couldn’t wait to read the second instalment of this duology. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and the second did not disappoint. The world building is greatly expanded on here so you get to learn more about the realms that the author has created, which are wonderfully rich and detailed.

Tatsu and Yudai continue alone for much of the novel. Whilst a part of me was saddened not to see as much of Alesh and Ral, it gave a chance to fully explore their developing relationship further. I think this was my favourite aspect of the second novel. I loved how their relationship evolved and just how much they came to care for each other. Tatsu’s character really develops as his feelings for Yudai deepen. You also see a different side to Yudai, a vulnerability that he’s hidden up until now. They are perfect for each other and I was hoping against hope throughout the novel that they would get their happy ending together. The ending itself did not disappoint and I highly recommend you checking out this duology.