New Release Information: Never Change

On 1st December I am releasing a new short story called Never Change and in today’s post I’m going to talk a bit more about it.

Never Change CoverNever Change is a short story that I originally wrote in December 2014. Set in the Demon’s Blood universe it can be read either as a stand-alone or as part of the Demon’s Blood story as a whole. It takes place in Nagasaki in winter 1889 which is Taku and Thane’s first winter together. As a newly turned vampire Thane is still struggling with aspects of his new life; mainly having to kill humans for their blood. He is also disturbed by Taku’s pragmatic approach to this. The entire story is written from Taku’s perspective, showing how he is torn between his desire to protect Thane from the harsh realities of their existence and his responsibility as Thane’s sire to teach him how to survive.

Taku refuses to talk about his own past and its effect on him. Haunted by the death of his first lover, Minoru, Taku is afraid that a similar fate may befall Thane. Being abandoned by his own sire deepens the sense of loss and grief that Taku feels. Believing that dwelling on the past only causes pain he’s managed to shut himself off from it and cannot see that even now it influences his every decision concerning his lover.

Thane himself shies away from his vampire nature and desperately tries to hold onto his humanity. Deep down he did not want to become a vampire; he just wanted to save Taku the pain of their eventual parting by his death. His inability to accept what he has become further enforces in Taku’s mind that Thane is too fragile to deal with the realities of their eternal life.

Never Change shows the crucial moment where Taku consciously makes his decision to protect Thane’s gentler nature. Years later during the events of Demon’s Blood Taku is unable to save himself due to this decision, which leaves Thane vulnerable. In Demon’s Blood’s sequel Thane is not only having to find a way to save Taku, but also embrace the vampire side of himself that he rejected so many years ago.


Never Change will be released on 1st December 2018. Also from 1st to 8th December readers will be able to purchase Demon’s Blood for $0.99 on

Meet my Character Blog Tour

This week I’ve been invited to take part in the Meet my Character Blog tour. This is a blog tour in which authors interview one of their main characters from an upcoming or recently published novel.

The author who tagged me is Katheryn J. Avila.

Katheryn J. Avila has always dreamed of being a published author, and recently, that dream has come true! Her novel, Reckoning, is the first in a paranormal sci-fi trilogy she’s titled The Breach. Reckoning tells the story of Lexia, a young woman who discovers that she’s psychic and is thrown into the dangerous world of the supernatural, where she must place her trust in an unexpected ally in order to protect her family.

Twitter: @katheryn_avila

The Interview

Today I sat down with Kokawa Taku, the main protagonist of Demon’s Blood, and asked him some questions about himself and the novel.

1. What is your name? Are you a fictional or historical person?

My name is Kokawa Taku. I’m a fictional character that you made up!

2. Where and when is Demon’s Blood set?

The main story is set during modern day, in the fictional city of Norfield, England, but there are also flashback scenes connecting the story to the Edo period of Japan’s history, as well as modern day Tokyo and Yokohama.

3. And tell us a bit about yourself. What should we know about you?

I’m a two hundred and twenty-five year old vampire. I burn in sunlight, although I can go out during the day if there is sufficient cloud cover or if it’s raining – but I do receive some burns if I do this, kind of like sunburn!

I drink human blood; animal blood cannot be a substitute for this. I kill to survive or if threatened, and I don’t agonise over it. I have to live after all and humans kill other humans for much less!

I’m not very social. This isn’t because I’m shy – far from it, I’m quite overly confident – I simply don’t relate to other people well. I have a temper which I would lose more times than I actually do were it not for Thane.

Who is Thane?

Thane is my gorgeous English lover. We have been together for a hundred and twenty-four years now.

Wow that’s a long time! I admire your devotion to each other!

Thane means the world to me and I know I do to him too. I can’t imagine us ever being apart.

You’re so sweet!

*frowns* In my two hundred years as a vampire I have never been called sweet!

^^;; he he….moving on…

4. What’s your main conflict? What messes up your life?

You mean what have you done to mess up my life?

Urm…yeah I guess ^^;;

Now you did say before we began this interview to avoid spoilers so my answer is going to be vague!

Something happened to me when we were in Yokohama and since then I’ve felt as though I’m fighting a darkness that resides inside myself. I’m trying to keep it from Thane as he had a part to play in what happened to me and it would cause him a lot of pain to know this. I’m also afraid. I rarely confide in anyone under normal circumstances and this darkness has made it harder for me. I’m frightened that I am going to lose myself.

You’re making me want to hug you

You may if it makes you feel better but remember you did this to me!

*hugs him anyway*

5. What are your personal goals?

On the surface I appear very materialistic. I like living in luxurious apartments and buying sports cars, but my personal goal is protecting Thane. He’s still the same kind, naïve (sometimes infuriatingly so!), gentle person that he was before I turned him into a vampire. To retain so much humanity is very rare and precious for our kind. I would gladly give my own life to preserve that and protect Thane.

6. Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

Demon’s Blood is the title. It’s listed on Goodreads, amazon and smashwords to name a few! You can also visit for more information.

7. When can we expect the book to be published?

The novel was published on 25th January. You can purchase it from amazon (, smashwords ( and other ebook retailers.

There will be a sequel but I’ve been told not to give away too much about that at this stage!

Thank you, Taku!


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