Review: The Mage Heir (The Life Siphon #2) by Kathryn Sommerlot

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Exiled from Chayd and pursued by Runon, Tatsu’s life twists into something unrecognizable when he escapes with Yudai into the mountains. Despite the growing danger trailing them, the biggest threat lies within Yudai and his voracious magic, a force spiraling outside his control. Their only hope is to head into Joesar in search of a way to contain the magic.

But Joesar’s desert holds perils of its own, and the only answers Tatsu and Yudai find lead them farther into storms. Friend and foe blur until impossible to tell apart, and all the while, the unchecked siphon devours any energy it can find. If Yudai can’t fix what the Runonian mages broke, the siphon could swallow the world, and Tatsu will watch the horror unfold.

No matter how tightly Tatsu’s heart is tied to Yudai’s, and after everything they have sacrificed for freedom, the past might catch up with them, murky and muddled, betrayal lying in Tatsu’s traitorous bloodline.


Goodreads: The Mage Heir


*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: 5 stars

Picking up where The Life Siphon left off, Tatsu and Yudai journey to Joesar hoping to find a way to control Yudai’s magic before it destroys everything. Many challenges and dangers await on route to their destination and when they finally find the answer that they are looking for they learn it could ultimately part them forever.
I just couldn’t wait to read the second instalment of this duology. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book and the second did not disappoint. The world building is greatly expanded on here so you get to learn more about the realms that the author has created, which are wonderfully rich and detailed.

Tatsu and Yudai continue alone for much of the novel. Whilst a part of me was saddened not to see as much of Alesh and Ral, it gave a chance to fully explore their developing relationship further. I think this was my favourite aspect of the second novel. I loved how their relationship evolved and just how much they came to care for each other. Tatsu’s character really develops as his feelings for Yudai deepen. You also see a different side to Yudai, a vulnerability that he’s hidden up until now. They are perfect for each other and I was hoping against hope throughout the novel that they would get their happy ending together. The ending itself did not disappoint and I highly recommend you checking out this duology.

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