Review: The Deafening Silence (The Yakuza Path #4) by Amy Tasukada

The Deafening Silence

An unproven alliance. A broken promise. A mafia boss must shed blood to secure peace…

Nao Murata is on the verge of brokering peace between his syndicate and the Mafufugumi mob. To seal the deal, he’ll need to pick up Russian prostitutes to appease his newest ally. When the exchange goes sour, both sides draw blades and Nao has no choice but to care for a blood-soaked enemy. If the man doesn’t make it through the night, Nao and his crew will pay with their lives.

Outnumbered and stranded in enemy territory, Nao is forced to fight his way out before the Mafufugumi Godfather takes the deal off the table. As his wounded enemy’s heartbeat slows, Nao must act fast or condemn his syndicate to a brutal war.


Goodreads: The Deafening Silence (The Yakuza Path #4) by Amy Tasukada 


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

When Nao leaves Kyoto to do a deal that will hopefully bring peace between his syndicate and the Mafufugumi, a last minute change in terms jeopardises everything. Now he and his companions are trapped with the enemy and if the wounded man does not make it through the night then there will further bloodshed.

This series just keeps getting better and better. In The Deafening Silence we get to switch between Nao and Aki’s POV which gives so much insight into how they feel about each other and the rapidly escalating situation. Nao’s position as godfather is not secure by any means and Aki does whatever he can to support him. In this novel you really see how Aki is developing his skills as well as how unwavering his loyalty to Nao is. Despite there being another potential love interest for him, he cannot shake his feelings for his boss. Nao is still battling his own feelings for Aki and at one moment his jealousy gets the better of him. They make it up, but it is another opportunity missed between them to say how they really feel.

As with the other instalments of the series there is plenty of action and you never know where the next fight is coming from or who will survive. The twists and turns are a part of what I love most about this series, together with the developing relationship between the two leads of course!

The Deafening Silence did not disappoint, and I cannot wait to read Book 5!

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