Review: The Tea House by Amanda Meuwissen

The Tea House

Jaime is looking for sanctuary and a new start after escaping his stepfather. With little money to his name, he doubts he can afford the gorgeous bed and breakfast he stumbles upon, surrounded by tea roses inside and out. Then Logan, the handsome young concierge, surprises Jaime with a ‘pay what you can’ policy, and Jaime is instantly smitten.

Little does Jaime know the Tea House is plagued by rumors of monsters and disappearances and is known by another name.

Hollow House.


Goodreads: The Tea House by Amanda Meuwissen 


Rating: 4 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

When Jaime arrives at the beautiful bed and breakfast known as The Tea House, he cannot believe his luck with the ‘pay what you can’ policy. Coupled with this is the gorgeous concierge Logan. However, very quickly Jaime realises that not all is what it seems. With screams in the night and disappearing guests, Jaime finds himself drawn into the dark side of The Tea House and its secrets.

I really enjoyed this short read from Amanda Meuwissen. It begins with a sweet budding romance between Jaime and Logan, but very quickly becomes darker. I don’t want to say too much so not to give away the ending, but my theories as to what was going on did not come close to the truth! I loved that the author surprised me like this and how when everything fell into place it made total sense in a strange and horrific way. If you’re looking for a great horror read for Halloween, then I completely recommend reading The Tea House!

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