Book Review: Blood Pressure (Serial Investigations #7) by Rhiannon D’Averc

Blood Pressure

Ram has spotted his dream locked room mystery case on the news – and he’ll stop at nothing to get himself involved with it. The problem is, newly-minted DCI Alex Heath isn’t too happy about it – and neither is his successor as DI…

An invitation to go home and visit family should be a happy occasion, but for Will, it’s quite the opposite. Spiralling into doubt and fear about Ram outing him to his parents, Will risks pushing him away entirely. And when he does go home, things aren’t going to be plain sailing. Will’s father is an ex-Ambassador, and he’s got many years of finding out secrets behind him.

As both are rocked by revelations about Will’s past and his present, Ram and Will have to contend with doubting policemen, ugly habits rearing their heads, and the struggle to trust one another. And there’s the question of how Harry got that black eye…

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Goodreads:  Blood Pressure (Serial Investigations #7) by Rhiannon D’Averc


Rating: 5 stars

When Will and Ram learn that Alex has a locked room case, Ram is determined to get involved. After all what PI could resist a challenge like this? However, both Alex and the new DI aren’t too keen on having their input, not that this will stop Ram from trying! But first they need to survive a visit to Will’s parents who have no idea that their son is gay, and that Ram is anything more than a friend. Events threaten to push them apart as does Will’s father when he finally learns the truth. Throwing themselves into the case might be what they both need, especially when it seems that the police may need their help after all.

I couldn’t wait to read book 7 in the series. I have loved Will and Ram since book 1 and the series just keeps getting better and better. Now that they are in a relationship, they have further difficulties to overcome. Despite some old issues threatening to come between them, what I love about this couple is that they are there for each other when it counts despite everything that is thrown at them.

The mystery is just as intriguing as ever and I enjoyed following the case and trying to work it out for myself too! Again it was full of suspense and twists that I never saw coming!

I thoroughly enjoyed Blood Pressure and cannot wait to read book 8 in the series!

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