Book Review: The Shivering Ground & Other Stories by Sara Barkat

The Shivering Ground

The Shivering Ground blends future and past, earth and otherworldliness, in a magnetic collection that shimmers with art, philosophy, dance, film, and music at its heart.

A haunting medieval song in the mouth of a guard, an 1800s greatcoat on the shoulders of a playwright experiencing a quantum love affair, alien worlds both elsewhere and in the ruined water at our feet: these stories startle us with the richness and emptiness of what we absolutely know and simultaneously cannot pin into place.

In the tender emotions, hidden ecological or relational choices, and the sheer weight of a compelling voice, readers “hear” each story, endlessly together and apart.


Goodreads: The Shivering Ground & Other Stories by Sara Barkat


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

I enjoy reading short stories and Sara Barkat’s collection offered something different, and it did not disappoint.

The collection is a combination of different genres with unique and interesting characters weaving together tales that captivate the reader. The stories are written in a way that leave you with a feeling not unlike melancholy. Each tale is wonderfully descriptive and written in different styles to suit the genre.

The stories provide enough answers not to leave you feeling frustrated but there is an emphasis on letting the reader decide and come to their own conclusions, which I really liked.

If you enjoy short stories that leave you contemplating the outcomes, I highly recommend this collection.

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