Shari Reviews Stuff: Chicken Handbag

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image0I was searching around on Ebay whilst I was ill with Covid and treated myself to a couple of little bits and one of them was this bag. I love things that are kind of wacky and out there, and this chicken handbag certainly is that!

It’s a fun item. It’s not the highest quality, but it’s decent for the price (I paid £10 including shipping). It’s very roomy and can fit your purse, phone, keys and any other essentials inside. They come in different colours, but I chose the classic white chicken. It doesn’t look particularly waterproof so its going to be a summer only bag for me, but it’s a fun piece that I am sure will draw many comments when I am out and about!


Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts on the above item, and I have not been asked or paid to provide a review.

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