Book Review: The Verderer (Pitch & Sickle #2) by Danielle K. Girl


Silas Mercer is a dead man walking.

And the mysterious Order of the Golden Dawn have big plans for their newest ankou and his deathly bandalore.

Life as a servant of death has its challenges.

But the biggest one of all is Silas’s daemonic guardian, Pitch.

He may look like heaven, but he’s making Silas’s life all kinds of hell.

The daemon is arrogant, egotistical and his appetite for violence and tea cakes is fast outgrowing the small village where they have been recuperating since their run-in with Black Annis.

Now, the increasingly unstable Blight is causing new havoc, and fresh monstrosities are emerging.

Pitch and Sickle are back in the saddle, and on their way to the haunted Forest of Dean.

But can Silas rely on his guardian’s protection?

Or will Pitch prove to be the most dangerous encounter of all?

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Goodreads: The Verderer (Pitch & Sickle #2) by Danielle K. Girl


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

After their trials against Black Annis, Pitch and Silas barely have enough time to recover before they are on the road again. This time to find the blight stricken Verderer. Yet within the Forest of Dean, they face a foe far worse than they imagined. Together they must overcome the teratism but forging a true partnership may be the toughest challenge of all.

I thoroughly enjoyed the second book in the series and had so much trouble putting it down. We start off where book 1 left us. Joining our heroes on the road are Lady Satine’s horses Lalassu and Sanu, who are not quite what they seem.

In The Verderer, we start to learn more hints about Pitch’s past and why he has been sent to the human realm. It is clear that he is in great pain, but he tries to hide this behind his destructive and often cruel behaviour. Silas is learning more how to deal with the erratic daemon and there are moments between them that pave the way for the relationship that is slowly developing. Silas is still of the mind that Pitch is toying with his feelings, that are causing him great conflict. Yet the two of them do seem more comfortable with each other than they were in book 1.

The pacing suits the novel. Time is taken for every aspect, and this sets up the final battle in which The Verderer is revealed. The action scenes are incredibly well-written and again I was turning each page in anticipation of what will happen next.

I am really enjoying the series and cannot wait to read book 3.


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