Shari’s Top 5: Spooky Creatures

Top 5

Welcome to Shari’s Top 5! This is a feature I have created to showcase my personal top 5 of various books, shows, toys, music, films, food, etc, whatever I fancy focusing on for each post really!

For this month I am focusing on Halloween / Spooky themed Top 5’s. I hope you enjoy this theme and do let me know what your Top 5’s are too!

Top 5 - Spooky Creatures5. Black Cats – I’m not particularly superstitious when it comes to Black Cats as I have one, but it can be pretty spooky to run into one at night or in a graveyard. I love all cats, but black (and white) ones have a special place in my heart. Sadly, these are often the ones left in shelters for a long time due to the superstition around them 😦 so next time you are thinking of getting a cat do please consider a black one as they are beautiful and make very loving companions! 

4. Moths – You just turn out the light and you can hear a fluttering in the dark. Chances are it’s a massive moth flapping around your room. The sound can be pretty spooky and moths for me always bring to mind sitting in lamplight telling spooky tales.

3. Ghosts – Who doesn’t love a good ghost story, especially during the Halloween month. Ghosts fascinate me rather than scare me (and I have seen a few!). 

2. Shadow people – Again, this is something that I have seen myself. The unexplained never fails to fascinate me and shadow people are definitely that! I’m used to them appearing, so I’m not scared of them, I really just want to know more about them!

1. Vampires – Vampires have been my firm favourite since I was a child. Dark, mysterious (and often sexy!) they are embedded into practically every culture in the world. I read and write so much vampire fiction and have many mythology books on them too. 


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