Book Review: The Skriker (Pitch & Sickle #3) by Danielle K. Girl


Silas Mercer has faced wily boggarts, mad faerie queens and enraged forest spirits. But can he withstand a daemon who is losing his mind?

Pitch and Sickle are left bruised, battered and reeling after their confrontation with the Verderer.
They have learned a startling truth behind the arrowhead that wounded Silas, a truth that must be taken to the Lady Satine and the Order without delay.

But his encounters in the Forest of Dean have effected Pitch in alarming ways. The daemon’s body may have healed but his erratic behaviour and wildly unpredictable temper grow ever more concerning.
Silas owes his life to Pitch. Their experience in the forest has brought them a closeness he could not have imagined possible.

But what can he do for a daemon who is losing his way?

And how long will Silas survive, if he must ride alone?

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Goodreads: The Skriker (Pitch & Sickle #3) by Danielle K. Girl


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

After their battle against the Verderer, Silas and Pitch are doing their best to heal. Silas’ wounds are physical, and he is also deeply troubled by what he learned during the confrontation. Pitch’s injuries have healed, but he is growing increasingly angry, erratic, and self-destructive. In the end, Silas has had enough, and they part ways. Once alone, he encounters Charlie; a human who is on the run from his own past. Together they find comfort in each other, however Silas is concerned that his life will bring danger to his new friend. But Charlie is not so easily phased by the supernatural and has a secret of his own.

Book 3 introduces some more supporting characters who I am sure will have roles to play as the series progresses. I really enjoyed learning about them and seeing their relationships with Silas develop. Silas himself is very concerned for Pitch as his feelings for the daemon grow stronger. Yet he is unable to bear seeing Pitch self-destruct and this forces them to part. Once reunited, his tenderness and love for Pitch is tested when Pitch continues to try to push him away. Pitch’s character is tormented, but I do see some hope for him with Silas’ support and belief that he can be better. In book 3 we learn more about Pitch’s past and develop a deeper understanding as to why he acts as he does.

The world building is just as detailed and vivid as the previous books, and the characters complex. Each one is being driven by their own motivations and desire to stop the Blight from destroying their world.

This series just gets better and better and I cannot wait to read book 4.

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