How to keep writing during the holidays


How to keep writing during the holidays


How to keep writing during the holidays? If I’m honest I am probably one of the worst at actually keeping writing going during December. If it is a year that I have taken part in NaNoWriMo, I’m usually burnt out and put off looking at a 50,000 word manuscript until January. If I haven’t, then most of the time I just find the build up to Christmas means that I am too busy.

This year I really want it to be different and have resolved to at least write something every day. I plan to do this by using my lunch hour during the week and making designated writing time during the weekends. Structure to my day always helps me anyway, and I think this will be a really good way for me to plan to get something done at least during December.

What will I be writing? Most probably Demon’s Past as I am over the halfway mark with the most recent draft now and I really want to be able to publish it next year. I might be tempted to write a little seasonal short featuring Adam and Eric. I really put my boys through it this year, so I think they deserve a fluffy Christmas story together!

What are your tips for writing during the holidays? Let me know and what you plan on writing!


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