Shari’s Life: New Year Move Around

Shari's Life

After a bit of a hectic December and New Year, it has taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things. I honestly think I need to book an extra week off after Christmas just to have time to sort out! Anyways, I do love a January clear out. I feel it sets the year off right and I have been going through my flat again and donating things I don’t need to charity and generally having a clear up.

One thing I want to do is move all the furniture around. I was looking around my lounge and I think I have found a better way to have everything so my sister and I are going to plan a day to move it all and see what it looks like. I have already moved my desk from my bedroom into my lounge. I found a space for it next to my display cabinet and it fits in so much better there! My room looks better having it moved too and I was also able to move my dresser and the squish collection so they are all in better places too!

I then had a quick move around in the kitchen. I moved Tash’s bowls to a new spot and it is so funny as at mealtimes she keeps rushing back to the old spot and looking confused! But to be fair, I have tried to put them down there a few times too!

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