Shari Reviews Stuff: Soap Stone Figures

Shari Reviews Stuff

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IMG_8621I was shopping in Chichester the other week and found these beautiful hand-carved soap stone figures in the local crystal shop! It was 3 for £12.50 so I had to pick some up! They are handmade in Peru and so detailed! Not to mention they are adorable!

I chose to get the cobra, scorpion and mouse. The cobra in honour of Khaled who is one of my favourite squishmallows. The scorpion as a nod to the Animal Crossing scorpion that always jumps out at me when I’m trying to catch moths, and the mouse because I love little rodents!

The lady in the shop said I need to be very careful as they will break easily so I have put them well away from a curious cat! These are really inexpensive and cute little figures. I am definitely going to collect more of them in the future!

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts on the above product, and I have not been asked or paid by companies to provide a review.



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