Shari’s Life: Thrifting Find!

Shari's Life

As you know, I love going thrifting and finding discarded treasures to take home with me! Today I wanted to share one such treasure that I found last weekend!

Tree MouseIt is this adorable mouse tree house figurine! I saw it when I first walked into the shop and I just had to pick it up! It was £2 and quite dirty but I cleaned it up pretty well! It is now sitting on the mantle-piece with some of my other figurines. I was so happy with it, that I kept going back to admire it for most of the weekend! It is just so cute and fits the new vibe I am going for in my flat perfectly! And speaking of that I am in the process of sorting through my room again. I will either post some photos here or on my Instagram Rii-san Collectibles!

Let me know if any of you guys go thrifting and if so, what treasures you have found!

2 thoughts on “Shari’s Life: Thrifting Find!

  1. Great find, Shari! I’ll be thrifting next week for clipboards and large, children’s books (to use as clipboards). I’m hosting writing club the first week of April, and we’ll all need something to write on for a little writing exercise I have planned.:-)

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