Review: The Queen’s Curse by Natasja Hellenthal


The Queen’s Curse by Natasja Hellenthal

It’s time for change! In a country with a cursed justice system, two women; the mysterious Queen Artride and her loyal bodyguard Tirsa, set out on a secretive perilous quest. They hope to find the sorceress, the only person powerful enough to be able to lift the curse, in Dochas; the strange Magical Land.

But they have to hurry as they only have three weeks to save Tirsa’s teenage brother’s life, sentenced to hanging for a petty crime.

The women are soon drawn to each other, however struggles and questions arise. Will the sorceress be willing to help them and for what price?

Rating: 5 stars


*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*

I really enjoyed reading The Queen’s Curse. You are immediately pulled into the story and this makes it very difficult to put down!

The world that Natasja Hellenthal has created is very real, and carefully crafted as is Queen Artride and Tirsa’s quest. They brave many dangers together and through the perils that they face the two who, at first are at odds with each other, become closer.

I loved the developing relationship between the two. It was not rushed and occurred very naturally. I was glad that Tirsa was able to make peace with her past and that it would not continue to be an obstacle that prevented the two of them from moving forward together.

The quest itself allowed both characters to grow and develop, and their journey had many twists that kept me reading and willing for a happy outcome, not just for the protagonists but all the characters that they met along the way.

This was a captivating and wonderful read that will not disappoint and I look forward to reading more novels by Natasja Hellenthal.

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