Review: Five Suns of Treason


Five Suns of Treason (Five Suns Saga #1) by Jim Heskett

Kellen’s tired of politics and the back-stabbing that accompanies it. As a senior staffer to a US senator, he’s privy to all kinds of information, like details about the meteor hurtling though space on a collision course with earth. He also knows what the public has been told isn’t the whole truth, and now he’ll have to decide if exposing the lie is worth trading his life.

Part dystopian epic, part espionage thriller, Five Suns of Treason features six interconnected short stories before, during, and after the downfall of society, with each one unlocking another piece of the mystery of how the world collapsed.

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*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: 3 Stars

Five Suns of Treason depicts the collapse of society through six short stories which comprise the entire novel. It is an original and clever idea that gradually pieces the mystery together as each story is told. However, for me I felt that all the stories needed to be longer. As they stood they were too short and I just found myself stumbling in various places as I was distracted from following the main storyline with the continuous shift in characters, events and locations. As a result for me as a reader I wasn’t able to make a connection with any of the characters. This was disappointing as I really enjoyed the author’s style of writing. There was a good balance of description and dialogue so you could really get a sense of the fear and chaos of the collapsing world.

Many readers of dystopian fiction will really enjoy the snapshot of viewpoints and the mystery of how society has fallen (not to mention the twist at the end!) but personally I would have preferred each story to have been longer so I could have really gained a sense of who all these characters were and formed more of an attachment to them.

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