Review: The Voivod


The Voivod: A Ghost Story by Dominic Selwood

London, 1897. An elderly bibliophile receives a letter from the recently retired head of the Bodleian Library in Oxford. But the tale it relates of a book buying journey to Cracow soon turns into a hellish nightmare. A homage to M R James. A short story.

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*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: 4 Stars

The Voivod is a really creepy tale that leaves you with goosebumps after the final page. It’s a short story written in a Victorian style that Selwood captures perfectly. It’s subtle, but darkly atmospheric and the final twist at the end is unexpected. Cleverly built up this is a great read and I look forward to reading more like this from Dominic Selwood.

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