Review: God of Ruin by Michael John Grist


God of Ruin (Ruins Sonata #3) by Michael John Grist

In the battle to defeat King Ruin and protect the Bridge between souls, ex-Arctic marine Ritry Goligh tore his own soul into pieces. Now those pieces, embodied as six rugged marines spread across the tsunami-blasted world, are adrift without Ritry to guide them.

Their captain, Me, is addicted to dying in raids against the remnants of King Ruin’s army. Ray longs for the love he lost. Far seeks the mythical heart of the Bridge, So is lost to her calculations, while twins Ti and La have split as far apart as possible. They trudge from bunker to bunker blinded by loss, mopping up holdouts from the war.

But the war isn’t over. It’s only just begun. From the ashes of King Ruin’s defeat a godlike power rises, one that understands the Bridge better than Ritry ever did, and means to bring a flood so vast it will erase every soul from history. Me’s only hope is to ascend to godhood himself, before everyone he loves is washed away forever.

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*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review *

Rating: 5 Stars

God of Ruin is the final instalment of the Ruins Sonata Trilogy and picks up where King Ruin left off. The seamless transition means that you are immediately drawn back into the struggle for all humans’ souls.

For me God of Ruin is the perfect conclusion to this outstanding trilogy. Action-packed with underlying poignancy throughout, this final instalment cannot fail to disappoint. I’m reluctant to say too much as I don’t want to give away any of the twists, but I will say that Ritry’s chord are determined to ensure that his sacrifice at the end of Book Two will not be in vain. Their determination against seemingly insurmountable odds and much personal loss makes this novel almost impossible to put down.

I highly recommend the Ruins Sonata trilogy to fans of science fiction, that is filled with action, suspense, loss and plot twists aplenty!

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