Review: Those Who Remain by Ian Blackport


Those Who Remain by Ian Blackport

Mallory travels forests and abandoned towns with her little sister as a lone companion, scavenging for meager food scraps. Almost one decade has passed since civilization collapsed in the wake of an incurable pandemic, leaving behind a ruined world without meaning or hope.

Only one thing in this unforgiving existence is worth protecting, and no line exists that Mallory is unwilling to cross for her sister. Compassion is a fatal weakness when each day might be her last and the only protection comes by way of a loaded gun. Every stranger is a threat and each human an adversary. In this bleak life, Mallory follows one rule: trust will get her killed. There can be no alternative, because she learned long ago that survival meant sacrificing her humanity.

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*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review *

Rating: 4 Stars

Those Who Remain is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has almost been wiped out by the stricken. Sisters Mallory and Mckayla are taking a perilous journey across America to reach the cape in the hopes of finding a permanent and safe home. Mallory is the older sister and forced to grow up at a young age she will do whatever it takes to protect her sister. Mckayla is younger and possesses more compassion and empathy than her older sibling. On their journey they come across a group of fellow survivors and for the first time the sisters are divided. Mallory wants to push on to the cape whilst Mckayla wants to make a home with their new friends.

Those Who Remain is predominately an action novel with generous descriptions and well-crafted scenes that draw you into the dystopian world. The sisters and their comrades are well-developed characters whom you find yourself really caring for and hoping they all survive.

The only thing that I found slightly disappointing was the ending, which felt to be somewhat abrupt and I would have liked to have this extended somewhat.

Overall, Those Who Remain is a gripping and action-packed read and a great addition to the post-apocalyptic genre.

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