What Day is it Anyway? Tuesday, 24th March 2020

My day: I woke up as I have done most mornings by initially thinking that this entire situation is either the plot of my latest WIP or a very weird dream. I was quickly reminded that it was neither by a text from the Government not to leave the house for any of the reasons other than those specified yesterday. I was working from home again today and have enough food to see me through until the arrival of the ASDA order tomorrow evening so I had no plans to go outside anyway.

The work network still can’t cope with the volume of people connecting so yet again I didn’t get as much done as I normally do which was frustrating. At lunch time I continued my Animal Crossing adventure. I now have a small house and Blathers’ museum has been built! I’m just gathering the items needed to build the shop now.

This evening I checked in with Mum and Dad, and Sarah. Dad has managed to set Skype up so we’re going to arrange a time to test it out at the weekend. I also wanted to make sure they weren’t planning on leaving the house (unless its on fire, then please leave the house! which they found amusing!).

Sarah’s cat sadly died today. She had been ill for a while and had deteriorated quite a bit in the last week or so. Little Georgie doesn’t understand where she has gone and keeps going over to where her basket was looking for her 😦

Disney+ launched in the UK today and I logged in earlier this evening to have a look. Already there is loads of stuff I can add to my to watch list but I’m most excited about the National Geographic Section. I love documentaries, especially about unusual or obscure subjects so am looking forward to checking that out.

Linda G. Hill came up with this great idea to keep track of the weeks and months ahead. For those who already are, and will be isolated in the coming weeks, it is important to all come together and support each other.

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