What Day is it Anyway? Sunday, 19th April 2020

Yesterday: I spent most of my day working on Perfect World 3. I try to find positives in bad situations and one positive is that I have never had so much time to write. I shouldn’t get too carried away as Perfect World 3 is still very much a draft but if I keep this up a release in the first half of next year does not seem overly optimistic. As I’ve said before its taking a much darker tone than the previous books. I never like to give away too much when I’m still writing a novel but this except below sums up how things are turning out!

“I’m sorry,” Adam murmured quietly. In truth he didn’t know what he was apologising for. For what he had been about to do or what he knew he would do before all of this was over.

I also spent some time on Animal Crossing. I moved my house AGAIN so that’s cost me 60,000 Bells so far as I cannot make up mind where I want it. It’s currently next to a waterfall and I think I will leave it there now. I’m breeding plants at the moment and have some lovely black roses for my garden! I also saved up enough Nook Miles for the Godzilla statue! So he’s now overlooking/guarding the beach from the clifftops!

Today: I wrote some more this morning and this afternoon I dropped in on my Sims. Dallas’ aspiration is Social Butterfly but other Sims don’t seem to like her much so making friends for her is such hard work. She’s finally got the 3 children friends she needs but she needed a couple of adult friends as well. So I thought it would be a good opportunity for her to patch things up with her father. Dallas called him over and he actually turned up this time which was a good start! After some cloud gazing together and a couple of hugs they were friends so mission accomplished! Don also tried to flirt his way back into Bella’s good-books! Which did not go unnoticed by Mitchell and they got into a fight! Unfortunately for Mitchell, Don is ripped for spending all day every day at the gym so he got his ass kicked. They now despise each other!

I’m finding that since everyone went mad with food shopping and hoarding, I am ending up with way more substitutes with my online shopping. The other week they included these really cute heart marshmallows! Normally I just get the plain white 80p ones for my hot chocolate but they didn’t have them so they sent the heart ones instead. Thesse are almost double in price but I only paid the price of the normal ones!

hot chocolate

Linda G. Hill came up with this great idea to keep track of the weeks and months ahead. For those who already are, and will be isolated in the coming weeks, it is important to all come together and support each other.


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