What Day is it Anyway? Friday, 1st May 2020

My day: Happy May Day everyone! I’m on leave from work now until 11th May! I decided to make a plan for each day as otherwise I will just procrastinate for the entire 11 days and end up wishing I’d done everything and actually achieving nothing!

Today I really feel as though I achieved a lot. I started off by sorting through all my bath bombs, bubble baths and other bath stuff in the bathroom. These were scattered about with no real order and now I have bath bombs in one box, bubble bath in another etc and I have more space in there as a result! I then moved into the lounge and gave it a complete spring clean. As I’m now home working I had taken it over to work in so it was a lot messier than normal. I sorted everything out and I can now see the surface of my dining room table again! I also went through the drawers in my TV cabinet where I was shoving in things that I had no idea where else to put them! I then did half of my shredding which I think I might have moved house with its been hanging around for so long! Annoyingly the shredder kept jamming and so I ended up trying to tease little bits of paper out of the teeth with a pair of nail scissors and tweezers. I did honestly feel like I had done keyhole surgery by the time it was fixed!

I then went into the kitchen to make a pasta sauce in my slow cooker. I also had some leftover pastry from last night’s goats cheese tart that I made, and I suddenly had an idea of making some mini cheese and tomato rolls with it. I did wonder if this was going to be one of my bad ideas as I’m really not that great in the kitchen and doing something without a recipe was incredibly risky. Still I decided to do it anyway and whilst they are not perfect to look at, they turned out not only just edible but really nice!


After lunch I worked some more on Perfect World 3. I am so happy with how it is turning out right now. For ages I was really struggling with it, but its just writing itself at the moment. If things carry on at this pace then the release for early next year doesn’t seem that impossible at all!

I also had a few deliveries today. One was my New Look order and the other was Tash’s tee-pee! I was more excited about the tee-pee out of the two of them but unfortunately Tash didn’t share my enthusiasm. She came sauntering over when she heard me unwrapping it as she mistook the rustling for food but quickly became bored when she realised that it wasn’t! I set it all up for her and called her back over. She gave me a look that literally said ‘what on earth have you bought me that for?’ and hasn’t gone near it since! She’s a bit funny with new things so I’m hoping she will come round to it eventually but until then it is sitting unused in my lounge!


Linda G. Hill came up with this great idea to keep track of the weeks and months ahead. For those who already are, and will be isolated in the coming weeks, it is important to all come together and support each other.

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