What day is it Anyway? Saturday, 23rd May 2020

My Day: There is a bank holiday on Monday so I have another 3 day weekend! The postman arrived first thing with my Tofu Cute order which was great as I wasn’t expecting that until next week! So it means I now have snacks for the weekend!


I’m especially excited to try the sakura mochi!

I sorted out some home bits and pieces in the morning and at lunchtime I sat down to watch BUCK-TICK’s YouTube Premier for this week! This week it was The Parade –  High Side which was awesome! I really need to go to Japan and see them live once everything returns to normal again!

This evening I’m playing a bit of Animal Crossing and am also going to work on my books. I also did the cover for Demon’s Life earlier which looks so good! I cannot wait to get my hands on the printed copies!

Linda G. Hill came up with this great idea to keep track of the weeks and months ahead. For those who already are, and will be isolated in the coming weeks, it is important to all come together and support each other.


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