What Day is it Anyway? Thursday, 9th July 2020

My day: For much of the duration of lock-down I’ve been more or less able to keep track of the days, but for some reason I have been losing track of the last few weeks. No idea why but I woke up this morning convinced it was Saturday. Checking my phone and seeing Thursday left me very disappointed.

My sister and her husband have a seagull family nesting on their roof and she’s been telling me how one fell off! He’s fine luckily and landed in their garden, but he’s now stuck down there until he can fly. The RSPB said to leave him alone as the parents will still look after him but they haven’t been that much as they have two more on the roof. So my sister has been giving him some food too as she was worried he wasn’t getting enough. He’s been named Steven (after Steven Seagal!) and now waits outside the backdoor for her to come out and feed him. And if she doesn’t he starts squeaking until she does! She also been leaving her guinea pig hutch open at night (she brings the guinea pigs inside overnight) so he has somewhere to sleep! I think his siblings are jealous that they didn’t fall off the roof too!


Linda G. Hill came up with this great idea to keep track of the weeks and months ahead. For those who already are, and will be isolated in the coming weeks, it is important to all come together and support each other.

2 thoughts on “What Day is it Anyway? Thursday, 9th July 2020

  1. Steven is adorable! His roof story could be a children’s book. Um, well, if we don’t encourage little kids to push seagulls off roofs.:-)

    I hear ya on the what-day-is-it feeling. We had a national holiday a few weeks ago. I was tiptoeing around my husband thinking he was hard at work because he’s been working from home these past few months. I finally realized he was just chillin’ and watching YouTube videos and eating snacks because he had the day off!

    1. Lmao!!! Yeah don’t want to encourage that but it would make a great story! My nephew is loving having Steven around!

      Haha lol! I’m working from home now too I have a day off Monday but I had totally forgotten until it came up on my work calendar!

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