Review: Karma’s Brutality (Scorned Gods #4) by Mychael Black

Karmas Brutality

When word reaches Jason and his bandmates about several defectors who escaped Harlan Yates, the group realizes it’s time to act. With their allies from Abaddon — including the newly-turned demon, Daniel — the band makes their move to get rid of Yates once and for all.

Led by the demons Gabriel and Haez, the others take the fight directly to Yates, aided by the defectors. Jason and his bandmates have never been in battle, and they’re going to discover it’s not for the faint of heart. Not everyone comes out unscathed, but that’s the nature of war. For one of them, a single bite changes life forever.


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Goodreads: Karma’s Brutality (Scorned Gods #4) by Mychael Black


Rating: 3 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

With the final confrontation drawing near, the members of Scorned Gods and their allies get ready to face Harlan Yates in a battle that will decide the fate of all vampires.

I had mixed feelings about this last story in the series. I liked that everything came together and wrapped up nicely, so you weren’t left with any loose ends. However, I was left feeling rather disappointed that their main adversary through the entire series was killed by another character. I felt a bit cheated that it had all been working up to this moment and then there was no big confrontation with the enemy. It was a shame and a missed opportunity after so much build up.

I enjoyed the characters and the concepts explored in the series as whole, but I finished it feeling that the entire thing was somewhat rushed. This is a shame as it had some unique ideas that I would have loved to have been explored in further detail.

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