Review: Shackled (Scorned Gods #3) by Mychael Black


Time is swiftly running out for the members of Scorned Gods… and the mortal, Daniel.

All hell has broken loose. A psychopathic vampire, Harlan Yates, has waged war on mortals and vampires alike, and the band Scorned Gods is caught in the middle. With help from an Abaddon ally, Jason and his bandmates will have to act quickly to stop the enemy.

But Harlan Yates has one advantage that no one can erase: his ability to find the escaped mortal, Daniel. Despite finding safety with the band, Daniel is the unwilling beacon that can bring destruction upon them all.


Goodreads: Shackled (Scorned Gods #3) by Mychael Black


Rating: 3 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

With Harlan Yate’s and his vampire cult waging war on other vampires and now mortals, the members of Scorned Gods and their allies must find a way to stop him. When infiltrating the cult, they find themselves a new ally in mortal Daniel. However, with his presence brings the danger of Yates’ ability to track him.

Shackled continues right on from the last book in the series. This time it focuses more on Daniel and his lover, Nick. Their reunion gives you some insight into Nick’s past and the secrets that he has been keeping. Although I was glad that Daniel forgave him, it did feel little rushed, and I think taking more time to redevelop the relationship would have been better. The group want to protect Daniel from Yates, but by doing so they put themselves in danger. This leads to Daniel having to make a decision that will change him forever.

Shackled builds up to the final battle that they all know is coming. I look forward to reading this and finding out what happens to all the characters involved.

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