Shari’s Life: Charity Shop Gets

Shari's Life

Today I met up with my sister and nephew and we went into town to do some charity shop shopping, which is so much fun as you never know what kind of great bargains you’re going to find!

image0My sister got a lot of clothes including this brand new dress that was from River Island originally and some brand new sandals that were originally from New Look!

I found some great bargains too! I got a writing set for £1.50 and a book for 50p that looks completely brand new as well! image2

I really enjoyed our charity shop shopping. Its so great for finding a bargain and we’re giving to a good cause too!

2 thoughts on “Shari’s Life: Charity Shop Gets

  1. You did score some great finds! There’s a charity shop here called Goodwill. It hires people that normally have difficulty finding jobs (like fresh out of prison). The workers are ALWAYS wonderful. It’s a great cause because people have to get back on their feet somehow if they’ve just come out of prison, or else they’re forced back into a life of crime.

    1. I did! Goodwill sounds great! We need more charities like that here as there are a lot people who struggle to get jobs for various reasons. There really needs to be more support for people in this situation.

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