Writer Types

Fellow author Kathryn Sommerlot recommended that I check out Ellen Brock’s videos on the different writer types after posting her thoughts on what writer type she is, and I noticed the similarities in my own writing process.

I’ve watched all the videos in the series, and I would say I most identify with the Intuitive Pantser type in that I tend to discover my story as I am writing it and unconsciously set up later plot twists and events without realising it! However, I also have some Methodological Pantser tendencies too! I’m really not a plotter at all and find trying to plot out a novel stifles my creative process rather than helping it!

I definitely recommend watching the series as it provides a lot of insight into the four writer types as well as offering tips to help refine your process! If you do give it a watch, please do comment and let me know what writer type you most identify with!

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