Shari’s Top 5: Comfort Foods

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Welcome to Shari’s Top 5! This is a feature I have created to showcase my personal top 5 of various books, shows, toys, music, films, food, etc, whatever I fancy focusing on for each post really! Today I am listing my top 5 comfort foods! 

Shari’s Top 5: Comfort Foods

5. Cookies – When I need a quick sweet pick-me-up there is nothing better than a cookie! I love most sorts (except the ones when you think they are choc chip, and they turn out to be raisins!) and my favourites are either good old chocolate chip or peanut butter!

Top 5 - Comfort Foods4. Chips (fries) – Another go-to for a quick snack. I like any sort really, but my favourite are the skinny fries and topped with cheese and garlic mayo! 

3. Chocolate – When I’m feeling down, I love nothing more than to treat myself with some chocolate. My favourite bars are Reeses or Cadbury’s choc and nut bar.

2. Macaroni Cheese – The classic comfort food and one of the few dishes I can cook well! It is my go-to when I want something comforting and more filling.

1. Pizza – My favourite takeaway and ultimate comfort. It’s often my payday treat or movie night meal of choice! I like veggie pizzas the best or a good old-fashioned margarita! 

So these are my top 5! Do comment and let me know what your ultimate comfort foods are! 

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