Book Review: Morrel & Morcerf and the Spear of Destiny (Five Points Stories) by Kyle Baxter


Alois d’Pierrepont and Marton Prawer have been attending black market antiquities events trying to recover treasure stolen by Nazis during World War II. Marton is particularly interested in a certain missing Picasso.

Following the trail to France, the two stumble into far more than they bargained for when a shady auction they’re attending in Paris’s Latin Quarter is raided by Interpol. Alois’s uncle Frederick, from Bring Me Edelweiss, is soon hot on the case along with his lover Joel McIntyre.

After recovering the journal of a Nazi general the four men race across western Europe, chased by fascists desperate to find the treasure for themselves. Gunfights and car chases ensue as the group uses a map in the journal to track down the treasure and its contents, rumored to include the fabled Spear of Destiny.

Can Alois, Marton, and their crew find the treasure before the neo-Nazis do? And why is their every step dogged by mysterious men in black?

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Goodreads: Morrel & Morcerf and the Spear of Destiny (Five Points Stories) by Kyle Baxter


Rating: 3.5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

Whilst trying to recover a stolen Picasso, two university students stumble upon something much bigger. The race between groups to recover what they believe to be the authentic Spear of Destiny. Alois and his boyfriend Marton team up with Alois’ uncle and his lover. Together they must find the spear and its other treasures first.

This book was a mixed read for me. I enjoy reading Indiana Jones style races for mythical or lost treasure. This novel certainly had all the ingredients for that, but the pacing felt a bit stop start. Also, I felt there were too many characters involved. This had a detrimental effect on the main characters as half the time I was not sure who was supposed to be leading the story, and I did not feel as a reader I got to know them in any detail.

The author took a great deal of time to set scenes and create the backgrounds and villains for the treasure hunt, but again there seemed to be too many groups at play here and I think less may have been more.

I did enjoy reading Morrel & Morcerf and the Spear of Destiny. The action scenes were well-written and details and each clue to the treasure that they uncovered was carefully planned with plenty of turns in unexpected directions. For me I just felt that it could have been tightened up a bit in places and more focus on the main characters in the series.



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