Shari’s Life: What was in the cupboard!

Shari's Life

When I wrote my last Shari’s Life post I mentioned that when the handymen came to build my new furniture and put up my shelves, they were also going to solve the mystery of the cupboard that has been painted shut for probably many years!

image1So they opened it and….nothing inside except for a very old empty bin bag! But what was really interesting is that whoever converted the building into flats had not bothered to do anything with the cupboard, so it had all the original paintwork and Victorian wallpaper! I just think that is amazing and I have decided to leave the cupboard exactly how it is rather than clean it up and put shelves in for storage which was the original plan. I know I ought to make use of the space as in a flat there is never much storage, but I also think preserving things is important too. This could well be the only piece of interior decor left so I am going to preserve it. I might still put things up there, but I certainly won’t change a thing about it.


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