Demon’s Blood Excerpt

Today I am pleased to share with you an excerpt from my vampire novel Demon’s Blood.

Demon’s Blood is currently free on Amazon until Monday 31st October so please head over there and grab a copy!

Demon’s Blood

Copyright Shari Sakurai 2014.

The sound of traffic, sirens in the distance and pollution were all now familiar to the younger vampire. Tokyo had been his home for six years now, but even so he was not used to the fast-paced life of the big city. It had changed so much since his last stay in the Japanese capital over fifty years ago.

Thane moved behind his sire to allow a group of youths to pass them. The group were dressed up and obviously going out for the night; Shibuya was best known for its nightlife and boasted a vast array of clubs to choose from.

Thane had spent the early part of the evening at the restaurant that Taku owned. It specialised in Western food and was doing, like all of his past business ventures, extremely well. The establishment was small compared to others within the city and catered for the business market during the daytime hours. During the evening it became more of a pub and often had live entertainment. Unless he had to feed Taku usually spent most of the evening at the restaurant overseeing things. So when Thane announced that he was calling it a night he was surprised when Taku decided to accompany him.

They’d purchased a penthouse apartment not too far from the business and they often walked home rather than spend needless time queuing in traffic. The apartment block was modern and the penthouse suite had a private roof terrace. Thane liked to sit up there some nights. When he was human and then when he had first been turned Thane used to enjoy looking at the different constellations in the night sky. In modern cities this was impossible and he could only see the artificial lights from the metropolis around him.

They turned a corner and the apartment block came into view. A few steps more saw them in front of it. Thane stumbled as Taku’s embrace caught him off guard. He encircled his back pinning Thane’s arms at his sides as the older vampire used the momentum to push them forward into the front door. Thane felt Taku smile against his neck as one hand wandered down his torso, fingers tugging his shirt out of the way so that they could glide over his abdomen.

“Damn it, Taku,” Thane grumbled in half-hearted protest. “Wait until we’re inside at least!” He pulled one arm free so that he could key in the security code to their apartment block. Taku’s attention hindered this and caused the younger vampire to keep his finger pressed down hard on the ‘8’ key rather than move it to the ‘2’. The alarm system bleeped a warning that the incorrect code had been keyed in.

“This is rather public,” he warned feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

“Hurry up and get the door open then,” the golden-eyed vampire murmured into his right ear. The security system bleeped again as Thane miss-keyed the code for a second time. “You are being rather distracting,” he pointed out. He squirmed to try and create some distance between them. Taku laughed and pulled Thane closer again. He did pause long enough for Thane to finally get the door open.

Thane gasped as Taku turned him around forcing him through the doorway and then back against the wall. A hand caressed his cheek before trailing up to fist in sandy locks as Taku kissed his lover fiercely. Now that they were inside Thane’s caution was somewhat forgotten. He kissed Taku back with just as much vigour. Thane reached up and brushed the side of his lover’s neck with his fingertips.

The neck was a sensitive spot for Taku and once Thane had realised this he often used it to his advantage. He drew away from their embrace, instead nipping gently at the scar before pressing a kiss to the receptive flesh. An uncharacteristic whimper escaped the older vampire. Taku permitted the amorous assault on his neck for several minutes before placing his hands on Thane’s chest to part them.

The older of the two ran a hand through his long hair, the silken locks having become somewhat dishevelled during the heat of the moment, and smirked. “Early night?”

“Definitely,” Thane pressed another quick kiss to his lips before taking the lead and hurrying towards the lift. Then the ring-tone of the older vampire’s smart phone sounded. Taku sighed and checked the handset. He frowned as he answered it.

“Hello, Ayaka.” Ayaka was the deputy manager of the restaurant. “How did that happen? I see. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Thane sighed inwardly and made no effort to hide his annoyance when Taku hung up the phone. “There’s been an incident at the restaurant. Someone’s managed to get into the office and open the safe. All the takings for the week are gone.”

“How did they manage that?”

“I don’t know. The police are there now and want to speak to me; standard procedure although it is a nuisance.”

Thane nodded in agreement. Whilst they didn’t need the money, Taku was clearly annoyed that someone had stolen from him. The timing was irritating and they could easily track down the thief tomorrow night without help from the city police force. However, it was unwise to draw attention to themselves by not following the proper protocols for robbery.

“Would you like me to come with you?” Thane offered.

“No, it’ll be boring. You should stay here. Give me something to look forward to when I get back.”

Thane grinned, “In that case make it as quick as you can.”

“Of course,” Taku kissed him again before hurrying back through the double glass doors. Thane watched until he was out of sight before going to the lift. He sometimes wished that Taku didn’t have the business. If it were up to Thane he would purchase shares in companies rather than take on various restaurants and clubs. His lover enjoyed it and it offered a distraction. Taku usually got bored with them after a few years and sold them on, although he bought another sooner or later. The latest restaurant had been open for six months so he’d probably have it for a few years yet at least.

Thane took the lift to the top floor. The penthouse was fitted out with all the latest modern technology and luxuries. The furnishings were contemporary in white and deep red. Thane opened the door into a small hall that led to the large open-plan kitchen and lounge. He dropped his keys onto the marble effect breakfast bar. Thane wished that Taku had wanted some company after all. It was very early still, just gone 9.30pm, and Thane didn’t really know what to do with himself now. If he was honest he was getting a little uninterested with their life in Tokyo and would have liked to travel again. This was another of the differences between himself and his lover. If Taku were bored he’d buy himself a new club or car, if Thane were he wanted to go travelling. Taku did not share his enthusiasm for the latter these days. He slumped down onto the white leather chaise and momentarily closed his eyes. A thought occurred to him in those few seconds before that the entire block seemed unnaturally quiet.

The force of the blast hurled Thane from the chaise and into the wall separating the lounge and the master bedroom. The plaster cracked, as did a couple of his ribs. Orange flames flickered greedily over the fine furnishings. The fire swiftly took hold and blocked Thane’s escape route. In spite of the initial shock he didn’t feel any stirrings of fear until he tried to move. As he sat up a sharp pain ripped through his chest causing him to gasp. Dropping his gaze Thane saw the jagged blade of glass embedded in his torso. Mercifully the shard had missed his heart but it was so painful that tears sprung into his eyes. His trembling hand closed around the edge, the sharp sides cutting into his palm, as he tried to pull it free. The agony was crippling and seared through every fibre of his being. By the time he’d pulled it out the expanse of blood on his shirt had widened considerably. Such an injury would take time to heal, especially as he’d lost so much blood. Thane knew that he couldn’t afford to waste valuable minutes waiting for the pain to become more manageable before moving. The fire had spread to the kitchen and had engulfed the hallway. It was also licking its way over the red and black rug, and coming towards him.

Standing was out of the question so he tried to crawl from its path. He coughed spitting some blood out onto the carpet. Almost immediately thick smoke invaded his lungs. Thane gagged; even though he didn’t need to breathe the burning sensation was uncomfortable, as were the tears stinging and blurring his vision.

He was forced to retreat further as a mini explosion rocked the apartment. The glass chandelier above his head exploded showering the room with crystal droplets before the entire fitting came down. It landed inches from Thane’s face. He backed up further as flames touched his left hand. A grunt of pain escaped him and he felt real fear welling up inside of him as his back met the wall. Emerald eyes scanned the room in desperation searching for a way out. There was fire on all sides trapping him. The only way would be to go through the flames but fright held him in place. Would he make it through before his body was incinerated? Even if he did he would need blood immediately and he was alone. The situation was impossible.

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