Shari Reviews Stuff: Pastel Fluffy Slime and Fashion Fidgets Dolls

Shari Reviews Stuff

Fidget 1I just love collecting fidget toys and thought I would share a quick review of my latest purchases.

First up is this pastel fluffy slime that I bought from the Works (, in store. The Works is one of my favourite stores for finding fidgets and blind bags and they now have Squishmallows too! I am a bit fussy with slime and I am pleased that I love this fluffy slime! It’s not too sticky and stretches really well. It also produces a good amount of bubbles to pop and the sound is very satisfying! It was £1 so a bargain really!

The second thing I bought is this Fashion Fidget Doll from the Entertainer (, again in store. I was so happy to see these as I had seen them in toy hunt videos in the US and didn’t realise that they were out here too. They come blind Fidget 2boxed but they do have codes on the bottom so you can make a note of them and don’t end up with duplicates. I love the one I got! Her name is Poshi Pia! The little hearts on her cheeks are so cute and I love that you can move the buns on her head around as well as ‘pop’ her skirt! Her skirt can be twirled around too and she also comes with a clip so you can clip her on your bag and take her with you! The dolls are priced at £10 each, a little expensive in my opinion but not enough that I won’t be getting another one!

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts on the above products, and I have not been asked or paid by the companies to provide a review.








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