Shari Reviews Stuff: Pastel Fluffy Slime and Fashion Fidgets Dolls

Shari Reviews Stuff

Fidget 1I just love collecting fidget toys and thought I would share a quick review of my latest purchases.

First up is this pastel fluffy slime that I bought from the Works (, in store. The Works is one of my favourite stores for finding fidgets and blind bags and they now have Squishmallows too! I am a bit fussy with slime and I am pleased that I love this fluffy slime! It’s not too sticky and stretches really well. It also produces a good amount of bubbles to pop and the sound is very satisfying! It was £1 so a bargain really!

The second thing I bought is this Fashion Fidget Doll from the Entertainer (, again in store. I was so happy to see these as I had seen them in toy hunt videos in the US and didn’t realise that they were out here too. They come blind Fidget 2boxed but they do have codes on the bottom so you can make a note of them and don’t end up with duplicates. I love the one I got! Her name is Poshi Pia! The little hearts on her cheeks are so cute and I love that you can move the buns on her head around as well as ‘pop’ her skirt! Her skirt can be twirled around too and she also comes with a clip so you can clip her on your bag and take her with you! The dolls are priced at £10 each, a little expensive in my opinion but not enough that I won’t be getting another one!

Disclaimer: These are my own thoughts on the above products, and I have not been asked or paid by the companies to provide a review.








Shari Reviews Stuff: Fidget Toys


I’ve been buying quite a few fidget toys over the last couple of weeks and I thought I would share my views on which ones are the best that I have found so far! 

The first ones I bought were the round poppers. These are really simple, but really addictive. I have one beside me most days now as I’m working and also when I am watching TV in the evenings. They are really convenient too as you can use them one-handed and they just lie flat so they are not going to roll away or anything.

image3The fidget slug is good fun. He moves all different ways and also glows in the dark! Again you can use this one handed but a bit more concentration is required otherwise I found that I kept dropping him!

The unicorn fidget has slime in the poppers so it doesn’t ‘pop’ as such. You can press them to move the slime from one popper to another. It’s more robust than the usual poppers and is quite cute but you don’t quite get the satisfaction from it than you do the other poppers!

image2The fidget caterpillar and fidget octopus are really cute and fun! The octopus has poppers on and also flips inside out to show a different colour pattern and face expression. The caterpillar has poppers too and also lights up when you hit it against a surface or your hand. 

Overall I would say that my favourites are the regular poppers, just from the satisfaction point of view. Sometimes the simplest design is the most effective!

I would love to hear which one you think is the best! I’m going back to Smyths in Hilsea next weekend so I am sure I will be buying some more then (and probably some more Squishmallows too!)

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Shari’s Life: Clear out, squishmallow hunting and fidget toys!

Shari's Life

One weird thing that happened when I had Covid was how differently my mind and body reacted. Usually when I am ill, the two are interlinked and my mind feels as sick as my body. With Covid this didn’t happen and I wanted to get on and do stuff but my body was like ‘absolutely not’. After years of fighting my body on what I think is best, I have taken the decision in later years of listening to it so I did wait until I felt better before letting my brain takeover. One thing I did a lot of was looking around my flat and making a note of everything that I wanted to change. 

The first thing is definitely the carpets. The moth invasion last year has ruined the ones in the lounge and my bedroom and it really winds me up when I see the nibble holes in them!  A carpet fitter came round this week to quote for changing them all to wood effect vinyl. It’s not the cheapest endeavour but it will look so nice when it is done! I also ordered some fabric samples for new curtains in my lounge as the ones I have are the ones that the previous owner left. They don’t really fit the window and have faded over the years. The samples arrived yesterday and I have decided what one I want so I just need to arrange for the company to come out and quote for it. 

I also had a massive clear out. I have four bags of stuff for charity which is great news for them. I also tackled the dreaded electrical drawer and cleaned up my old Wii console. I sold it and the games to CEX as I don’t use it at all and its just taking up space. 

Yesterday I moved the furniture around in my lounge. I had most of it up one end which wasn’t the best use of the space so I moved my sofa and the table back. I also moved a small table nest to under the window and put out my incense burner and some ornaments on it. I’m really enjoying having this sort out as it really makes a difference to my mood so have everything looking so much nicer. I have some other things I want to change around too and hope to be able to start organising them this week.

image3I’ve also been on a squishmallow hunt / shopping trip this weekend. Yesterday I went up to the retail park in Bognor. I checked Tesco, Sainsburys, Aldi and B&M. Aldi and B&M didn’t have anything (B&M just had squishville). Tesco had some of the food squad left and Sainsbury’s had some of Caedia’s squad including Briannika which I was able to grab for my sister! I also checked Claire’s in the town and was able to get Quinn the kangaroo!  Also pictured is the cat squish that Sarah got for me from the Range earlier in the week. She is actually a pet toy and I have undecided whether to give her to Tash or keep her for myself! 

image1Today me, Sarah and Georgie went to Portsmouth via the Ocean Retail Park in Hilsea. They have a massive Smyths there and Sarah was able to grab ZoZo the yeti! I was able to get Kaitlyn the lemur whom I have been after! Georgie picked out a bus (‘busi’), some toy planes (he saw the Red Arrows fly over on Friday for Goodwood this weekend and loved them!) and some plastic boats for his bath. I also got a slime popper fidget toy and one of my most exciting gets was this Top Model dress up book. I remember having some when I was a kid and loving them! They were £1 when I was little and they are now £5 for the one I got or £9 for the A4 one! They had this one that I ended up getting, a mermaid one and a fantasy one. I was tempted by the others but the model one is the one that is closest to what I had when I was a kid to I ended up with that one! I also got Bess the pig squishmallow in B&M, some more poppers and these eggs that ‘hatch’ into a dinosaur and dragon! I can’t wait to see what they look like! I will do a proper review on them I think when I start them off!  

image2In Portsmouth itself we didn’t have much success. Sarah bought Edward the Eagle in Claire’s but when she got home she wasn’t sure about him as he didn’t really fit in with the rest of her collection. She thought about taking him back but her husband liked him so he’s going to stay after all (I probably would have adopted him if not, he’s not on my wish-list but I felt bad for him!). 


It was a really successful and fun weekend! I felt like I achieved loads but had time to chill and relax too! I hope everyone had a good one too!