Review: Kronos Duet by A.H. Richards

Kronos Duet

Kronos Duet by A.H. Richards

Psychic ‘astronaut’ Gareth Pugh and daughter Adrianna leap through time-space through the minds of others; dead others. Gareth’s mission, to reach the beginning of earth time, and confront God. He’s just not too good at getting there. Dead people can be unpredictably dangerous. Will they slingshot Gareth to God and the chance to undo a heinous murder? Can Adrianna protect him and fix their long-damaged relationship? Can she protect herself in alien psychic dimensions?
Brutal Dr. Buckleigh pursues them, missioned by the elitist Foundation to eliminate Pugh and Adrianna, and any evidence of God and time travel. His sadistic mercenary Cabot takes up the hunt, lustful to own Adrianna in a space/time of his choosing…
… But nobody factored in Rasputin, the hidden power of Stonehenge, or Black Holes.

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*I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review*

Rating: 5 Stars

Kronos Duet is a novel of great depth which explores the idea of time travel in a unique way; using the mind rather than any invention of mankind’s.

With the help of the plant Anis, Adrianna joins her father in traveling back in time in search of God, whilst attempting to heal the rift between them along the way.

Kronos Duet is an extremely well-written novel and one that should be read at least twice to fully appreciate the dark yet beautiful style and meaning in which it is written. This is not a light read, but it is an engaging one, which invokes so many questions and emotions as the novel progresses.

Kronos Duet is a brilliant novel which I thoroughly enjoyed and I look forward to reading more by A.H. Richards.

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