What Day is it Anyway? Sunday, 20th September 2020

I cannot remember the last time I did one of these posts. In any case nothing much has got better in the UK, if anything it has got a lot worse. Honestly no one knows what the rules are anymore. Everyone was told to go back out in August to save the economy and given incentives like 50% off food in restaurants. Now all those people who did as they were advised are getting the blame for the rise in virus cases. It’s completely insane. Anyways, I’m just sticking to what I have been doing since it all began. Avoiding shops and any indoor public places. Getting a train only when absolutely necessary. I only see my immediate family now and I doubt that will change as things get worse again. Apparently there is going to be another announcement this week, which will result in more chaos and confusion I am sure!

My sister and nephew came over yesterday and we had a KFC for the first time since January thanks to Deliveroo! It was my nephew’s first time having one and he wasn’t impressed. He ate a few chips and then threw the rest of it to my cat! She was very excited that it had suddenly started raining mini fillet and chips!

I finally bought my air fryer that I have been wanting for a year on Tuesday! It arrived on Thursday but I haven’t been able to rest it yet as I have nothing to fry until my Asda order next Thursday oops! It looks really good though and seems very easy to use which is good!

I’m on Instagram now! A fellow author advised me to check it out and I did, and I love it! Here’s the link to my profile, yet me know yours in the comments so I can follow you back! https://www.instagram.com/shari_sakurai 

Today is going to be a rest day I think. I have a few bits to do on the dreaded ‘to do’ list which gets longer every time I tick something off somehow! Then I’m going to finish building my post office on Animal Crossing!



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