Review: One Thousand Cranes (The Yakuza Path #3) by Amy Tasukada

One Thousand Cranes

When a body goes missing, a young Yakuza’s life hangs in the balance…

Aki Hisona’s latest promotion is a cause for celebration. But because his new job is working as the personal secretary for the Yakuza’s Kyoto-based godfather, it’s also a cause for dangerous envy. He takes an invitation from a friend for congratulatory drinks, but Aki never thought the night would end with a deadly knife fight…

Aki is tasked with disposing of his friend’s corpse, but there’s one problem: the body is missing. As body parts surface around town, it’s only a matter of time before the police piece together the clues. But keeping one step ahead of the cops may not matter if Aki can’t solve the mystery before his cold, unforgiving godfather boss does…

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Goodreads: One Thousand Cranes (The Yakuza Path #3) by Amy Tasukada


Rating: 5 stars

*I received this novel for free in exchange for an honest review*

One Thousand Cranes is the third book in The Yakuza Path series. When Aki Hisona becomes Nao’s personal secretary, he is unprepared for the jealously that it will bring even amongst those whom he thought were his friends. A night out turns deadly, and Aki finds himself having to dispose of his attacker and friend’s body. However, when the corpse disappears Aki find himself in a race against time to find out what happened before both the police and his new Boss do.

One Thousand Cranes is written from Aki’s point of view rather than Nao’s. I found this a welcome change as we get to learn a lot more about the man whom Nao’s has placed so much trust in. Aki is more capable than himself or Nao think and he proves again and again why he was the best choice for the position. However, he does experience his share of inner turmoil as he finds himself doubting the faith that Nao has in him. Despite all that he is going through, Aki still remains loyal to his Boss and everything that he does is with Nao’s best interests in mind. Through Aki, you get to feel the love that he has for Nao more intensely. Aki is unsure if Nao is even aware of it, however from reading the other novels in the series and with more of an insight into Nao’s mind than Aki, I knew Nao’s reasons for not letting Aki close. I am hoping that with events in this novel, it may help bring the two of them together.

As with the last two books in the series, the detail that has gone into the Japanese culture and way of life is excellent and you really find yourself living Aki’s world.

Another great instalment in this series, which I highly recommend!

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