Shari’s Life: Covid Update and First Ever Squishmail!

Shari's Life

After about a week of feeling pretty yuck, Covid is finally on its way out! I’m still feeling sicky and tired and am left with a cough, but I’m much better than I was.  I am looking forward to testing negative so I can go back out again! 

image1Today was a very exciting mail day as I received my very first Squishmail delivery! I was so excited when they arrived and they are just so cute! I got Amalie the snake and Rutabaga the caterpillar! 

I love them so much and I have a feeling this is a start of a Squishmallow collection! I am going to try and restrain myself as I remember what happened during the 90s Beanie Baby craze. I ended up spending way too much and running out of space for them all! 

Tash was very interested in them too! I think I might get her a stackable one to sleep on as she really likes sleeping on the massive Wailord plushie I have!




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