Shari’s Life: More gets and Squishmallow Hunting!

Shari's Life

image2Another couple of the goodies I ordered whilst I was sick with Covid arrived today! I got some more Squishmail! This really cute mouse called Misty! I love her so much and was so happy to get her as she is on my squishlist! I also got these really pretty necklaces from Ebay. I kept the planet one and gave the red star system one to my sister.


image4Yesterday I met Sarah and Georgie after work and we went on our first ever Squishmallow Hunt in Bognor! We tried Claire’s first but they didn’t really have anything we wanted. There were a couple of the Claire’s exclusives but the only one I wanted was the Guinea Pig which Sarah had already picked up for me in Chi at the weekend. We also tried Morrisons and Wilko but they had nothing 😦

We then tried Kids Stuff Toys. They had the dessert squad and a pastel/rainbow squad and the flip-a-mallows. They also had the mini capsules so we ended up getting one of those each. I got Gary the Giraffe who is adorable and he saved the hunt from being a complete fail! I also got this fidget slug to help with my anxiety and he’s really great! Georgie liked them so I got him one too. He told the lady in the store that he was calling his ‘Mr Worm!’.  He has been taking it everywhere with him. 

image1Tonight me and Sarah decided to walk up to the big Tesco and Sainsburys just outside of town to continue the hunt! Tesco had more of the food squad and I got Carmelita the Smore! Sainsburys had more and they had two of Caedia the Cow so me and Sarah got one each! One of her looked like she had been dropped on the floor and someone had trod on her (poor thing!) but the dirt wiped off easily enough! I am so happy to get a cow as they are really popular! Sarah also picked up Rosie the pig! 

We then tried B&M but they didn’t have anything apart from a lone Squishville toy and some capsules. Our final stop was Home Bargains. Again, no Squishmallows but I did get some cheap (49p!) Pepero, these really fun dinosaur straws and an interesting looking birthday cake flavour soft drink! 

It was a really fun two days and so good to get out and about again after Covid! 








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