What Day is it Anyway? Sunday 19th July 2020

My day: To do lists. These are something I excel at writing and then fail epically at completing. Up until the last two weeks I had them written on my phone in the reminders app so I could check them off when they were getting done. The problem. They weren’t getting done as I could just shut the app down and ignore them. So I went back to the old pen and paper list format and it really works. As it is sitting by my laptop, every night it guilts me into action and I complete at least 2 things on it. Of course, as with all to do lists the number of items on it multiples every time I check one thing off but I feel as though I am making progress this way at least.

Speaking of progress, Perfect World 3 is now two thirds complete! I cannot believe that only a few months ago I was still on the first few chapters and now I am thinking about cover design and synopsis!  Its insane that a release date for the first half of 2021 didn’t seem possible and now it kind of is!

I saw my Sims again today for the first time in quite a while. Bella seemed a bit stressed so I took her out for a night clubbing with her friends. She had a great time but when she woke up the next morning she had that mysterious rash that they randomly get for no apparent reason! So a few days off work and resting up in bed for her! I bet her Boss thought she was hungover!

Linda G. Hill came up with this great idea to keep track of the weeks and months ahead. For those who already are, and will be isolated in the coming weeks, it is important to all come together and support each other.

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